Pet Insurance in Ireland: Is Pet Insurance Important For Your Pets?

Pet Insurance in Ireland

When you own a pet one of the big questions is whether you should get insurance for your pets. So we decided to take a look at Pet Insurance in Ireland and see what the options are for pet owners in Ireland.

We wanted to look at the benefits of actually having Pet Insurance, what factors you should consider when choosing insurance and the different companies that provide Pet Insurance in Ireland.

The benefits of having pet insurance include:

#1. Peace of mind if your pets get sick

There is nothing better than not having to worry about bills that you cannot afford to pay. Having a pet insurance policy in place means that if your pets get sick you don’t have to stress about it. You know that your insurance is in place and will cover the costs.

#2. Cover for vet fees

If you have pets then you know that it can get very expensive once you go to the vets. The cost of getting injections, x-rays and medication can all add up. Even a small accident can run to 100’s of euro in vets bills. If you have insurance then this will all be covered.

#3. Boarding kennel fees and in some cases Pet Sitting Fees

If you ever get sick some companies will cover you for care for your pet while you are recovering or in hospital. The amount of cover varies from company to company.


#4. Holiday cancellations

They will cover any costs relating to your holiday.

#5. Advertising & rewards if your pet goes missing

If your pet goes missing then you want to be able to advertise and get the word out. Some insurance companies cover the cost of this for you so you can concentrate on getting your family member home as soon as possible.

#6. Third party liability & legal costs if your pet damages property or injures someone

If your pets get up to mischief and damages any property then your insurance company will cover the cost of this. Obviously we want to avoid these types of situations but sometimes these things happen.

#7. Cover for death of your pet

If your pet passes away they will refund the cost of your pet.

#8. Cover for theft or straying of your pet.

If your pet is not found, due to straying or theft, then they will refund the cost of your pet.

Pet Insurance

Factors to consider when getting pet insurance:

  • Is your policy “Cover for Life”
  • Does your policy cover emergency after hours care
  • Is the policy accident only
  • What is the excess on the policy in the event of a claim
  • What are the restrictions to claiming on the policy

Companies providing Pet Insurance In Ireland

  • Allianz Insurance
  • Pet Insure
  • 123 Insurance

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Which Insurance Company Do You Use For Pet Insurance? Let us know in the comments below.




2 thoughts on “Pet Insurance in Ireland: Is Pet Insurance Important For Your Pets?

  1. First thing I will say is to get your dog microchipped!! The amount of dogs lost and stolen in Ireland is huge and they would get home quicker if more people microchipped! On the pet insurance, I have a dog and 3 cats. My policy costs €47 per month and is capped at €1,000 per year per animal. The excess is €100 per claim. I can’t switch providers because I’ve had claims for accidents and illness and if I switch to a different provider they won’t cover those accidents/illnesses again. So choose wisely because you can’t switch like with people cover! However, over the 4 years I’ve had pet insurance the cost of claims has been more than the cost of the premiums so worked out well for me. The only other thing to check with pedigrees is that the illnesses they’re known for aren’t excluded from the policy. Eg Pugs have problems breathing, is the operation covered or is it a breed exclusion?

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