Pet Insurance: A Review of Pet Insure Pet Insurance

Advances in veterinary medicine mean that today’s pets are receiving the most up-to-date technologically advanced treatment and, as a result, a sick pet’s prognosis is much brighter than in decades past. With that cheerier prognosis and more aggressive treatment also comes a larger price tag. Veterinary care is not cheap. However, pet insurance makes caring for a sick or an injured pet much more affordable.

Pet Insurance_ A Review of Pet Insure Pet Insurance

One of the pet insurance companies offering coverage to pets across Ireland is Pet Insure Pet Insurance:


Pet Insure Pet Insurance allows pet parents to choose from different levels of coverage, including:

  • Care Plan, Care Plus, and Rabbit Care, the latter of which is exclusive to rabbits.
  • Care Plan and Care Plus offer nearly identical coverage of such items as vet fees, third party liability, death by accident, advertising and recovery costs for lost and found pets, and holiday cancelations.
  • The only difference between Care Plan and Care Plus is the excess fee, with the Care Plan requiring a 90 Euro excess and the Plus Plan requiring a 150 Euro excess.
  • Rabbit Care, while offering lower premiums, promises the same coverage as Care Plan and Care Plus, except boarding/kennel fees and holiday cancellations.


  • Discounts are offered for pet parents who complete their applications online and individuals more than 60 years of age. Multi-pet families and pets who are microchipped are also eligible for discounts.
  • Pets receive lifetime coverage for as long as the policy is renewed.
  • Coverage begins at less than four Euros a month for dogs.


  • Pet Insure Pet Insurance only accepts dogs and rabbits to the age of eight and cats typically to the age of five, depending on breed.
  • Only those pets who have had continuous coverage before they turn the maximum age will have lifetime coverage.
  • The pet insurance company has the right to cancel coverage or to reduce coverage as it sees fit.


Pet Insure Pet Insurance’s online home is at You can also contact a Pet Insure representative by calling 1890 201 201 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., by emailing, or by filling out the “Contact Us” form on Pet Insure Pet Insurance’s website at:

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*All information was correct at the time of writing the article. Please check the company’s website for current up-to-date policy details. To visit Pet Insure Pet Insurance’s website, go to:



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