Pet Crate: A Review Of The Dog Treat Box

Pet Crate: A Review Of The Pet Treat Subscription Service

What Is A Dog Treat Box

Much like how you might sign up to receive your favourite monthly magazine in the post, a Dog Treat Box is a box of treats that is delivered to your door monthly and contains a range of treats for your dog. A Dog Treat Box from Pet Crate could include snacks for your dog, toys for your dog or hygiene products such as dog shampoo.

Products vary from month to month, so your dog gets to try lots of different treats and won’t get bored with the same things all the time.

You can either pre pay for a number of months at once, or you can order monthly before the 15th of each month for delivery after the 22nd. Online ordering and payment makes it a very easy process to order your dog treat subscription box.

Benefits Of A Dog Treat Box

I can see lots of reasons why dog owners would find a dog treat subscription service a benefit to both them and their dog.

  • Never run out of treats
  • Make your dog feel special
  • Your dog gets to try different treats
  • Lots of new toys for them to play with
  • Discounted dog products
  • Access to products you might not get in your local pet store

These are just some of the reasons why you might find this a perfect match for you and your dog.

Who Are Pet Crate? The Pet Treat Box Providers

Pet Crate is an Irish company based in Kildare. They started their business as they were bored of buying the same treats for their own pets and wanted other pet owners, like themselves, to be able to order treats online and have them delivered to their door each month.

Pet Crate doesn’t only just cater for dogs they also have a pet crate subscription service for cats. Currently the only cat subscription service that I am aware of in Ireland.

Cost Of A Dog Treat Box From Pet Crate

Their standard box costs 15 euro plus delivery, this includes a healthy (usually hand made) treat, a naughty treat, a toy and a surprise. They guarantee the customer saves minimum 40% on retail prices.

Their deluxe box costs 22 euro plus delivery, this includes the contents of a standard box plus a large toy and a surprise. This can be a pet relaxing bath soak, interactive games, unique gifts. Guaranteed saving of at least 40% on retail prices. Also the customer will receive items which can not be bought in shops.

Their exclusive box costs 30 euro plus delivery and this includes the contents of the deluxe box plus a grooming product and an owner gift such as t-shirt, vouchers and more.

Review Of The Pet Crate Dog Treat Box

When my box arrived both Coco and Joey were really excited as I opened it. They seem to know when something arrives for them and make a point of jumping all over me while I try to open it.

I was really impressed when I opened the box how much was included in it. I immediately felt that I had received a good selection of items at a fair price.

The box included:

  • Squeaky Toy
  • Home Made Dog Treats
  • Chew Stick
  • Dental Treats
  • Natural Treat Biscuits
  • Meat Flavoured Treats

Everything in the box the dogs loved. Joey loved the squeaky toy, although unfortunately it didn’t last long as he destroyed it once I turned my back. But he had fun doing it!

It’s definitely a product that I would consider getting for my dog. It made me feel good having a special treat box delivered for them and I could see that they would really enjoy having new treats to try each month.

I love that there are lots of different options, from the standard box to the exclusive box. Also there is no requirement to commit long term to buying them, you can order one to try it out first.

Overall a great product that would certainly get tails wagging!

Visit Pet Crate today.

Note: I received the Pet Crate Treat Box mentioned above for free to assist in an article we were writing about the product. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.