How Can You Organise Pet Care At Home For Your Pets?

There are a number of options when it comes to Pet Care for your four legged friends and it’s important that you find one that matches you and your pets needs. Not every cat or dog would be suited to a Kennel or even a Pet Sitter – and only YOU know which would suit your animals – after all you know your pets better than anyone!

So what are your options for pet care when you travel away?

1. Kennels or Catteries– There are kennels and catteries all over Ireland that you can use to put your pets in. Forsome animals this is a great option and you might feel better knowing that they were locked up safely and there was no-one in your home.

But there are other factors to consider when you use any kennel or cattery.

  • What is their reputation?
  • How often are your pets interacted with each day?
  • Is the facility really secure?
  • Will a dramatic change in environment affect your pets behaviour?

2. Friends or Family – You may have already exhausted your favours from friends or family – but if not then often you can ask a friend or family member to call in and feed your pets.

But there are a few things to remember when using friends and family.

  • It’s not their full time job – so other things may come up for them
  • They really are doing you a favour – so expect to be asked to return the favour
  • Can you really ask them to text you after every visit?? After all they don’t work for you!

3. Take them with you – Finding a Pet Friendly Hotel can be great fun. We recently took Coco away with us. I was surprised though how long it took her to settle – and she was so excited to be home that I wonder would I take her next time. Patch on the other hand stayed home with our Pet Sitter Judith-Anne and was happy out – all nice and relaxed after her 2 days of love and fuss.

4. A Pet Sitter – Having someone come into your home and take care of your pets is a great way to keep your pets normal routine. No moving them to a strange place, making them sleep in a strange bed – just keeping everything the same.

There are things to consider when you choose a Pet Sitter though.

  • Is this their regular full time job – the one that pays their bills? The one they turn up to EVERY day.
  • Do they have a back-up in place? Someone who makes sure all their tasks are done each day?
  • Are they a legit business or just making some pocket money on the side?

All options you consider will have pros and cons in your own mind – so if you have questions about any of the options then feel free to give us a call on 1800 30 30 10.

The most important thing when travelling away is that your pets are safe and your home is secure.



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