Meet The Pet Sitters Ireland Family: Peaches


Getting to know our customers and their pets is the best thing about what we do. Every pet is so unique, has their own special qualities and makes us smile every time we see them. It’s just so much fun!!

So we wanted to showcase our clients pets here on the website and tell you what makes them so special…just like your pets. And also let them tell you why their love their Pet Care Assistant so much!

So, I’d like to introduce you to Peaches the Cockapoo. 

Peaches is the road runner of Kildare who loves to chew throws and shoes, but also loves to cuddle with their owner and go for walks in the Curragh.

You can read more about Peaches below and if you would like to join the Pet Sitters Ireland Family then Get In Touch today!




1yr and 3mths



If you were on Xfactor, what would your story be?

I was born in Ballon, Co.Carlow. I had 4 bothers and we grew up with my Mum and Dad in a house that had a Boarding kennels attached – so always lots of doggy activity. My forever family came one afternoon and and chose me as the gorgeous girl they would like to share their home. I was soon in the car ( a new experience and a bit scary) but my new owners were very calming and held me close all the way to my home in Co. Kildare. I was a bit lonely that first night and missed my lively brothers but I soon settled with the help of a cosy bed and a hot water bottle!

What is your favourite place to hang out when you get out?

I love my local park, it always sociable and I meet lots of other dogs and their families. However, my absolute favourite is to be brought to The Curragh in Kildare and be let off my lead to run and run. I love catching a ball and never tire of collecting it for more fun.

Where do you love to sleep after a hard days work?

I have a cosy cage in my kitchen which is always open and is totally “my space”, I also have a lovely squishy furry bed but my family confiscated it because I thought it was fun to chew and shake it ! I am allowed on the couch at night and love to snooze by the fire.

What are you favourite pet treats?

I love every single treat, whatever it is ! As I like to be rewarded for my good behaviour it doesnt matter – but small cubes of cheese are perfect and also good for my bones, and tiny pieces of frankfurter are also yummy.

What human food do you save your begging skills for?

I love to lick the cereal bowls of the sweet milk left in the bottom – gorgeous .

What’s the funniest thing you ever did (maybe it didn’t make your owner laugh!)?

I was left in the sitting room one evening as a treat while my family went out and I loved the feel of the new velour throw. I though I would just have a little chew to comfort myself as I was home alone . However, it now looks like a piece of Emmanthal cheese with lots of huge holes in it – but it was fun and kept me out of mischief ?

What’s the cutest thing you ever did (apart from everything!)?

I loved trying on my Santa Claus outfit and thought I looked really stunning. Also, my family have a friend who makes bespoke collars and leads so I have a gorgeous pale cream matching set – covered in peaches of course.

Be honest…what’s the naughtiest thing you ever did (we won’t tell your human!)?

Ah, I am partial to chewing (see previous posts) and i just happened to be close to my owners good leather winter boots . I just thought I would taste them to see if they were nice and continued to nibble until i had done a considerable bit of destruction – suffice to say they had to end up in the bin! I was in the dog-house for that little bit of naughtiness. However, I continue to search for odd socks and take them straight to the garden for burial , its fun !

If you could be any superhero which would you be?

I am extremely fast and hard to catch when I want to do my own thing so I think I am The Road Runner a lot of the time .

What do you think your human loves most about you (apart from everything!)?

I am fantastic company and no matter what, I am always available for a chat and a cuddle – and am the best company for a walk so I’m perfect really!

What does your human do that annoys you (promise not to tell them!)?

My humans are brill really but I would like to be allowed to play all day AND all evening but they tend to prefer if I stay quiet when they are looking at telly, its annoying .

What do you love most about your Pet Care Assistant (we will definitely tell them!)?

Gayle is just fab, and understands me totally ! She adores me and I know I make her day when she visits. She knows I love fetching the ball ( all the balls actually) and is great to continue to throw and throw . I really look forward to seeing her.