Should I Use an Online Pet Sitting Directory Like

As Pet Owners when we think of travelling away one of our first thoughts is what to do with our pets. Who will take care of them? Where will they stay? Can I bring them with me? Shall I just cancel my trip! All these thoughts go through our head. When you travel away there are a couple of options when it comes to in-home Pet Care, one is to use a Pet Sitting company like Pet Sitters Ireland and the other is to source a Pet Care Provider through a directory like

You might be mistaken in thinking that there is no real difference in the 2 options and I understand that. I mean a Pet Sitter is a Pet Sitter, right?

In this article, I’ll be outlining the differences when it comes to using either a Pet Sitting Company or an Online Pet Sitting Directory so that you can make an informed decision about which is best for you and most importantly which will suit your pets better.

This To Consider When Using A Pet Sitting Directory Like

What Will Your Pet Sitter Be?

When you are using a Directory most of the time they only verify the Pet Sitters contact details. They don’t interview them or check references and they don’t find out more about their ability to take care of your pets.

This might be enough in some cases, but if you are concerned about giving access to your home to a stranger then you might want a few more checks done that typically a company would do.

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Who Is Responsible For Your Visits?

The biggest difference between using a company for your Pet Sitting needs and using a Directory is that with a company you have someone taking responsibility for the visits getting completed. The company will be monitoring visits via GPS and making sure that every visit is completed. If your Pet Sitter is sick they will have a backup in place to cover them. This means you will never get a call on holiday saying that your Pet Sitter can no longer care for your pets.

When you use a Directory, they are simply putting you in touch with Pet Sitters that have registered on their website. It’s a little bit like online dating. You put up your Pet Sitter profile, people check you out and then see if they want to meet you. If the Pet Sitter flakes on you and stops turning up then at most you will get a refund, but you have no-one there to make sure a back-up from the company steps in and there is no disruption to your services.

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What Happens If You Stop Hearing From Your Pet Sitter?

This is the scariest thing about using a Directory. If you stop hearing from your Pet Sitter when you are miles away from home lying on a beach, then what do you do? Who do you call and find out what is happening? Who will be there to make sure your pets are getting fed?

With a company, you have direct access to the owner and can contact them at any time for an update. You will also be receiving online pet care journals with daily pictures. You will never stop hearing from your Pet Sitter as there are systems, procedures, and checks in place to make sure this doesn’t happen.

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Which Is Cheaper?

It’s inevitable that on an online Directory prices become very competitive. Pet Sitters are competing for jobs and more often this is done by undercutting other Pet Sitters in their area.

A company will have fixed costs to cover and will price based on those costs. They will be committed to ensuring that service is the first priority and that your pets needs are being met. They will also carry full insurance and have associated costs with making sure their team is committed to the pets in their care.

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How Many Times Will You Have To Find A Pet Sitter?

A lot of the time when you use a Directory when you come to book again the Pet Sitter will have moved on to another job or opportunity and are no longer there to take care of your pets.

While you may have different Pet Sitters to take care of your pets when you use a company you are still dealing with the same company each time. They have your pet care routine on their online pet care profiling system, your keys are already with them (if you decide to let them hold a key) and the process of re-booking is seamless.

How Can Pet Sitters Ireland Help?

There are lots of things that a Professional Pet Sitting Company will do to make sure you receive the best care possible from your pets.

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