Paw Club Ireland.

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Getting a new pet can be overwhelming, the Paw Club is here to help with tips, information and discounts to make integrating your new family member into your home easier

What Is The Paw Club? 

The Paw Club is a Free Membership group for new Pet Owners in Ireland.  A place where you can meet like minded pet owners in a fun, friendly and supportive environment.

Why Join The Club? 

  • Pet information: After signing up to Paw Club, you will receive weekly emails containing educational information regarding your pet and its needs. The information will be in the form of articles, podcasts and videos.
  • Share stories: Paw Club members can share stories of their pets with other members.
  • Share photos of your pets: The Paw Club is a space where sharing pictures of your pets has no limit! In fact we encourage over sharing!
  • Ask questions. Paw Club is a judgement free community where all questions are taken seriously and advice regarding pet care can be sought here.
  • Meet Ups: We are hoping to hold a Paw Club meetup as soon as March of this year in the Dublin area.
  • Competitions/offers/discounts: Who doesn’t love winning prizes or receiving special offers from brands.

The Paw Club is fun, friendly and informative!

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    IMPORTANT: By joining the club you are signing up to receive access to our Private Paw Club Facebook Group and to receive weekly member emails with information and offers relating to your pets.

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