Will My Dog Walker Let My Dog Off The Lead?

A question which we get asked from time to time in the office when people are booking dog walking services is whether we will let their dog off the lead when we take them for a walk.

Most callers are relieved when we explain that it is not our policy to do off the lead walks – however some people are disappointed and feel that they would prefer a service where this could happen.

So why don’t Pet Sitters Ireland let dogs off the lead?

Control of Your Dog. We need to have control of the situation and make sure your dog is not in harms way. If another dog comes over to us while walking your dog and they are aggressive then we can remove your dog from that situation if they are on the lead. If they are not it may not be possible to avoid that and your dog could get hurt.

Safety of Your Dog. What if we let your dog off at the park and they run off! They might see a bird, a rabbit or a cat and head off to chase it. We need to know that your dog is safe and the lead ensures this.

Dog Theft. If your dog is on the lead we know 100% that no-one can take your dog from us. If it’s off the lead and running around someone could entice it over to them and take it. Dog theft is certainly on the increase and we need to be aware of where your dog is at all times.

Your pets safety is our primary concern. Please feel free to call and talk to us about your dog walking needs on

Freephone 1800 30 30 10



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