What Is A Pet Sitter? Pet Sitter Kildare, Wicklow, Dublin

What Is A Pet Sitter?

Updated: Pet Sitters Ireland now cover all of the ROI offering Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services. For more information contact us on 1800 30 30 10.

When people go on holiday it’s often really hard for them to decide what to do with their pets. Traditionally we would have either asked a friend or family member or we would have used a boarding kennels.

But for many people both of these are no longer a suitable option.

People don’t always live near their family often moving to city locations for work and as pets are now more like family members than ever before a boarding facility is not something people consider.

Using a Pet Sitter is becoming the norm for people in Ireland, although there can often be some confusion about what you can expect from a Pet Sitting service.

What Does A Pet Sitter Do?

Essentially the role of a Pet Sitter is to take care of your pets in your home. Your Pet Sitter visits your home as many times a day as you need and follows your pet care routine.

Unlike a kennels or in home boarding service your pet gets to stay where they are happiest – in their own home.

Pet Sitters will carry out a number of tasks while they care for your pets. These include, but are not limited to:

Feeding your pets (including treats)

Walking your pets

Giving medication

Cleaning litter/accidents/changing pee pads

Watering plants (inside and outside)

Bringing in/putting out bins

Picking up posts from the front door/letter box

Turning lights on and off

Opening blinds/curtains

What Happens At A Pet Sitting Visit?

On arrival at the Pet Sitting visit your Pet Sitter will check into your location via GPS so that we know they have arrived.

Once you Pet Sitter has carried out the their tasks then will complete a Pet Care Journal to let you know your pets are ok. The Pet Care Journal includes confirmation of tasks being completed and photos of your pets.

Once this has been emailed to you the Pet Sitter will check out of your location via GPS. This means that our office staff know that the visit is complete and your pets are ok.

Got Questions About Using A Pet Sitter?

If you are considering using the services of a Pet Sitter then you probably have questions about the service and how it works. Our Pet Learning Centre includes answers to all our most commonly asked questions.

Alternatively you can contact us using the Contact Form or call us Freephone on 1800 30 30 10