Press Release – 2019 Nose Of Tralee Winner Announced

Nose of Tralee 2019 Winner

Press Release – 2019 Nose Of Tralee Winner Announced

Over  1000 pets entered the competition.

The public and 3 judges picked our final 32 County Noses.

And 19,000 votes were cast to decide the winner of the 2019 Pet Sitters Ireland Nose of Tralee.


Meet your winner the Galway Nose – Alfie Moon

“Alfie is the sweetest, funniest and most mischievous, fun loving guy ya could meet. Hes my best friend and my world. He makes me laugh every single day with his antics…Cheers me up when I’m down and even licks away my tears when I cry. He breaks my heart with all the mischief he gets up to but I wouldn’t change him for the world. He makes a friend for life in anyone he meets and he knows how to give the look to just melt your heart. He’s a rescue that came from Galway SPCA but he definitely changed my life when he came to me. He loves to cuddle up at night either at the end of my bed or right beside me with all 4 legs up in the air and snoring his head off. He’s my prince my world and would definitely make the most amazing Nose of Tralee.”

Nose of Tralee 2019 Winner


Meet Your Runner Up – Meath Nose – Poppy

“Not much has changed since Pops has become the Meath nose, despite worries she might become a bit of a doggy diva. She’s still a fun loving pup who spends most of her days playing squeaky with her brother Bailey and having cuddles with the family- although if you think she’s been idle you’re barking up the wrong tree! She still loves to bark about telling anyone who will listen about her newfound glory but as per usual she just shows puppy eyes more than her teeth. Most importantly she’s still giving kisses like its going out of fashion and she would probably happily devote all her time to jumping on anyone who wants her love and rewarding them with her own sloppy brand of affection. Poppochino has velvety ears that love to be stroked and when her fluff grows out she’s the softest dog in the park. She’s not perfect- she takes her brother’s food at times, sleeps on the bed and has chewed up more socks than you’ve worn in a lifetime- but she’s everything a dog should be and more: loving, happy-go-licky and a best friend to all! “

The winner will receive prizes from Sponsors Pet Sitters Ireland, Tesco Ireland, David MaCauley Photography and Pet Connection.


Winners Prize

  • Title Of Nose of Tralee 2019
  • 200 euro Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Voucher
  • 500 euro Tesco Voucher
  • Photo Shoot with David MaCauley Photography including canvas image
  • 150 euro online voucher for Pet Connection Pet Store
  • Furbo Pet Camera


Runner Up Prize

  • 100 euro Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Voucher
  • 150 euro Tesco Voucher
  • 75 euro online voucher for Pet Connection Pet Store


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