Nose Of Tralee Runners Up: Fifi & Emmie


We are delighted to have Fifi and Emmie as our Nose Of Tralee Runner Up 2016. This pair entertained us throughout the competition with their hilarious photos and huge personality!

Their mum is super proud of them and tells us all about them in this recent interview.

Pets Names: Fifi and Emmie

County: Carlow

Ages: Fifi (3) Emmie (Almost 2)

Breed: Cavachons

Special Skills: Looking astonishingly beautiful

Favourite Foods: anything edible…not fussy!

Favourite Toys: Fifi loves balls which are known as “tata’s” in our house, Emmie likes any stuffed animals that can be decapitated and degutted!

Favourite Place to Sleep:  in a super king sized bed…only place fit for queens!

Favourite Activity: Chasing birds , Blitzing and annoying the cat!

Tell us a little about how Fifi and Emmie came into your live?

We had a beloved 13 year old Cavalier king Charles called Sassy, at the time we knew her days were numbered and treasured every day we had with her .We felt the time was right to bring a new little bundle into the home, and maybe sassy could pass on some of her lifelong wisdom and skills to this little one before she decided to cross the rainbow bridge. We found Fifi outside Carlow, I looked for a pup in the litter with similar markings to Sassy but when I turned around my mum had a little one in her hands and said “we will take this one”. To this day she says Fifi looked in her eyes and said “I will go with you”.

Fifi and sassy quickly became friends, however sassy sadly became weaker and frailer and was finding it more and more difficult to keep up with her young energetic friend. Christmas 2014 my Father decided the perfect gift for us would be a young bubbly friend for Fifi and boy did he pick and bubbly one!! Emmie was the last one left in her litter so we had no choice but to take her…’meant to be’ and all that!! In February 2015 (two months Emmies arrival) Sassy became so ill we had to make the heartbreaking decision to let her go. To this day we still see many of Sassys traits in Fifi, a placid old soul sent here to love and be loved, as for emmie…shes a lost cause, a real fire cracker who does what she wants when she wants! Guess poor Sassy hadn’t enough time to work on her!!


What makes them the most pawtastic pets EVER!

There aren’t enough words in the Oxford dictionary to describe why they are the most pawtastic pets ever! Fifi is an old soul who was here before, sent to fill a space in our hearts that we didn’t know we had! She was blessed with strikingly good looks to match her beautiful soul. Emmie, well she was sent here to put the spark back in our lives! She will take on a 200lb St. Bernard but in reality is afraid of her shadow! She’s tiny but fierce, fun loving bubbly little soul who brings a smile to everyone’s face!


Why did you decide to enter the Nose of Tralee?

We decided to enter as we feel the girls needed a title to match their personalities and looks! Fifi had been entered before but didn’t get passed the second round, she was missing something… Her other half! Low and behold, entered as a duo, nobody could resist them, and here they are today after bagging the runner up prize.

How did you prepare for the contest and get votes?

We are part of a cavachon forum which has members from all over the world. We have been a member on there for three years and the girls have become very well known on there. Everyone went above and beyond to support us as they always do when it comes to their ‘own kind’. I also created posters and stuck them up locally, contacted all the Facebook pages I could find based in Carlow!  The Nationalist was also kind enough to publish a little article for us. Family and friends shared the link every day for us on Facebook and shamelessly pleaded for votes for us!


What did you enjoy most about the Nose Of Tralee?

We really enjoyed the messages from all our ‘fans’ from all over the world which we shared on our Facebook page! Also really enjoyed finding creative ways to look for votes everyday, usually involved  funny photos of the girls and captions to go with them!


What advice would you give to the next Nose of your county?

We would tell next year’s Carlow Nose not to lose focus on what this competition is all about! Enjoy, be creative and most of all…have fun! Life is too serious, and too often full of doom and gloom, we need competitions like this to lighten the mood and make people smile. Use your pets to brighten people’s days, after all that are what animals were sent here to do!

How are they both handling their new found fame?

Well fifi celebrated a bit too hard initially but is now on a first class flight to LA to live it up with the Kardashians, Emmie … well she’s still chasing her tail and oblivious to it all! She’s not the brightest crayon in the box.


If they could be any super hero duo who would they be?

Not so much super Heroes but more a famous duo… They would have to be Winnie and Piglet. Fifi would be Winnie as she is a friendly, thoughtful, smart and often a deep soul! She is always willing to help her friend and try her best to be good and do good.

Emmie would be piglet as despite the fact that she is very small and of a timid disposition, she tries to be brave and even when she isn’t, she pretends to be! Together they make a perfect duo, and one would be nothing without the other. Lifelong friends who always have each other’s backs.

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