Nose Of Tralee Finals: How To Vote

Which Nose are you supporting this year?

Will Kerry keep the title or will another county claim it!

Handy Guide to Voting For Your Favourite Nose Of Tralee.

Step 1


Step 2

Search for the pet you want to vote for.

So if you want to vote for Dublin you would type in Dublin and press the search magnify glass

final 5

Step 3

Enter your email address and press the Green Vote Button

Final 1

Step 4

Once you have voted it will confirm your vote and tell you how long until you can vote again.

Each person can vote for ONE entry per 24 hours.

Final 2

Step 5

Once you have voted the first time you need to confirm your vote via email. The system needs this to verify you are a genuine voter and count your votes each day.


  • The email doesn’t always come through immediately – it depends on how many people are voting at once
  • You may need to check email spam or promotion folders for the email
  • Your email will not be used for anything other than to confirm your vote

final 4

Step 6

To share your entry click on the photo of the pet and the following window will appear. You can now share on Facebook, Twitter etc. to get more votes.

If you use the hashtag #NoseOfTralee on twitter we can retweet them for you.

Final 3