Nose Of Tralee Diary: My Big Christmas Surprise

Hey everyone

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas. I did – it was amazing. Santa brought loads of toys, a new water bowl and a new bed. I got to eat loads of yummy food and everyone was so happy and cheerful. Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday …… and summer …… and spring …. Oh I’m not sure, maybe all of them.

I love all the lovely lights in the house for Christmas. Although, we have a singing snowman in the hall that I’m not very fond of. He’s very loud and Prince always barks at him. This year, mom got two Christmas decorations designed by a very talented lady in Co. Cork. One had my face drawn on it and the other had Princes face on it. They really were the best baubles on the Christmas tree. I’ve posted a picture of them so you can see.



December was a wet month down here in the Kingdom. I hate the rain so I barely got to go outside. Mom gave out cos’ I wouldn’t even go out to pee. Sometimes when it wasn’t raining we’d go for an adventure and then out of nowhere it would start raining and I would have to run home really fast. I hate getting my coat wet. I hope you’re all keep your pets inside during this weather, we hate it outside in the cold and rain. Much nicer being in by the fire.

Some exciting news now – My framed winners photo arrived just in time for Christmas. It is amazing and came at the perfect time. Mom hung it right inside the front door for everyone to see it. We got loads more photos from David too and I posted some for you to see. I hope you like them. It was such a fun day out. Can’t wait till the next time I get to go to the park but I think we’ll wait for the weather to get a bit better.

Ginger framed

That’s all for this month. Enjoy January and I’ll be back to chat soon.

Thanks for reading.

Ginger x

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