Nose Of Tralee Diary: 4400 Reasons To Celebrate!

Hi Everyone

How has 2016 being treating you all so far? It’s going pretty good for me. The weather hasn’t been too bad so I got to go out a lot. It is very cold but I refuse to wear a jacket for mom. I’ve a big coat of my own anyway so it’s not so bad. (Although, mom does give out cos’ I leave a lot of it on the furniture :/)

So, I am very proud to say, with the help of my furry friends, we have raised 4,400 euro for Animal Help Net Kerry. We made this money from selling our lovely 2016 Calendars and Christmas cards which I spoke about in another diary entry. This is a big achievement and it will help save loads more animals, like me, that have had a bad start to life. This was my first goal when I won the Nose of Tralee and I’m proud to say it has been achieved.


We have a guest staying with us for a few weeks. I’m still not sure how happy I am about this. His name is Nidge. He is my friend and I like playing with him but I’m not sure if I’m happy with another pet being in the house. Mom already has to divide her attention between me and Prince. Now she has to play with 3 dogs. I like him though, he’s fun to play with and quiet cuddly to sleep with. I guess he can stay for a little while longer.

I had my first trip to the vet for 2016. Just a check up and my yearly vaccines. Mom was very happy with me and said I was very brave and I got a big treat afterwards. Prince went too and he cried and barked a lot but I was as quiet as a mouse. The vet is really nice but I can’t help but get nervous when he puts me up on the table. It’s all done now though!

So that’s it from me for this month. Enjoy February and I hope the weather stays nice and we all get to go for daily adventures.

Ginger x

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