No Trick or Treats this Halloween.

With Halloween at the end of the month and the skies brightly lit with fireworks and flames, it could be a dark night for our furry friends.

Here are some tips to keep your pets safe.

  1. Most animals and pets can be frightened by fireworks and loud noises, so always take the necessary precautions; I would recommend you don’t take your dog to a bonfire or firework display.
  2. Keep cats, dogs & other pets indoors where possible. Bring outdoor cages and hutches inside for the night, or into the garage, if a cage is left outside, turn it to face a wall so the animal is protected against noise and accidents.
  3. Avery’s and hutches could be covered to deaden to sight & sound of fireworks, but remember to keep good air circulation
  4. Before the fireworks start take your dog out early for their usual walk.
  5. Keep curtains and blinds closed and the TV or radio on to help dull the noise of fireworks.
  6. To make sure your pets don’t escape keep window and door closed, especially when trick or treaters come calling. Don’t forget to block off the cat flap.
  7. In case your pet does get loose make sure they have easy read identity tags.
  8. Try to create a safe comfortable environment when fireworks are going off outside, put your own recently worn jumper or fleece in their favourite sleeping area.
  9. Should fireworks go off nearby and your pet gets anxious, stay calm and act normal.
  10. Avoid giving you dog chocolate, it can be bad for them. Pick up a nice pet treat for them instead.
Halloween Pumpkin



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