New Year’s Resolutions You Can Make With Your Pets


As the clock inches closer to midnight, reflection often becomes a theme. Reflection of the memorable, the positive, the poignant, and even the bad of the year as another chapter of life prepares to close. The ringing in of the New Year promises a blank slate, a fresh start, or the continuation of dreams.

It’s also that time of year to make resolutions – the changes you want to make your life even better, happier, and healthier. But, why do it alone? Challenge both yourself and your beloved pets to a happier and a healthier new year.

New Years Resolutions You Can Make With Your Pets Over Christmas

Eat healthier

The holidays always promise one thing: Good food and plenty of it. Most people ease up on their diets – or forgo them altogether – in the spirit of the season. Start the New Year off right by making a resolution to eat healthier.

Fortunately, eating healthier is easy and enjoyable. Trade in those crisps at snack time for clean, raw carrots, for example, and you and your dog can enjoy a delicious, healthy treat.

Get in shape

Getting in shape is undoubtedly one of the most common resolutions for people around the world. If you’re a pet parent, getting in shape in the New Year can be a lot of fun and the ideal opportunity to bond with your pets. If you have a dog, take long strolls as often as you can or, if you’re up for it, take a daily jog together. Getting in shape will allow both you and your pets to be healthier and happier.

Maybe you have a cat, who refuses to walk on a lead, or a rabbit, a guinea pig, or another small animal. Many pet stores sell strollers that are perfect for small and medium sized pets. While your pet might not get a lot of exercise sitting in a stroller, she will certainly enjoy the sights, sounds, and ohhhs and ahhhs from passers-by.

Take time to relax

Life is busy. And, even that is an understatement. Most people have little free time these days – and when they do – that time often quickly becomes absorbed by another chore that pops up out of nowhere. Make a conscious effort to spend time relaxing with your pets, cuddled together in bed watching television or playing a game of catch or tug of war.

What are your and your pets’ resolutions for 2015?



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