New Year’s Exercise Tips for Dog Owners

The holiday season, one of the most hectic of the year, has passed. Maybe you’re like many other people and you indulged in your favourite dishes and goodies over Christmas and New Year’s. And, perhaps, you have allowed your dog to enjoy more of his favourite treats than usual. After all, the holiday season comes but once a year and it’s a time to celebrate.

But, with the passing of the holidays comes the adjustment to the normal routine of everyday life, including exercising, which may have been put on the back burner during the hustle and the bustle of the holidays.

Fortunately, getting back into the habit of exercising can be fun and easy – and you can do it with your dog, so both of you can enjoy a healthier new year. Keep the following tips in mind:

New Year Exercise Tips For Dog Owners

Make it fun

Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. Have you ever noticed how your dog comes eagerly running when he hears you pick up his lead? Walks mean time to socialize, to enjoy the fresh air, and to wind down after a busy holiday season. Even if you do not have a lot of time for walks, consider taking your dog for a brisk walk after a long day so you will both sleep better in the evening.

Be bold

Dog and human yoga classes are becoming all the rage in places like New York City. Even if you do not have a yoga studio to go to with your pooch, take to Google, find some yoga exercises you can do with your dog, and transform your home into your own yoga studio.

Keep warm

With the bitter winter months in full force, you may not always want to brave the cold with your dog. Instead, opt for some fun in the house. A good game of tug of war will give your dog the opportunity to exert energy and will allow you to get a good upper body workout.

And, if you don’t have much energy left over after a long day at work, grab your dog’s favourite fetch toy and throw it across the room. He will get plenty of exercise running back and forth, fetching it for you, and you can still strengthen your throwing arm.

What are your favourite ways for you and for your dog to exercise together?




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