New Year Exercise Tips for Cat Owners

With the grey skies and brisk air of winter, exercise isn’t usually the first thought for most people. And, for cats? Forget it. Most cats would prefer to snooze away the cold days curled up in their favourite bed.

Just like people, however, cats need plenty of exercise, especially if they are young or overweight. Cats should have a minimum of 15 minutes of exercise each day. But, motivating your cat to exercise, especially during the dreary winter months, can prove challenging.

New Year Exercise Tips For Cat Owners


Motivate both your cat and yourself to exercise and to lose weight this New Year by keeping these fun exercise tips in mind:

Jump Around

Does your cat love chasing that illusive red dot all over the room? Plenty of exercise for her, right? Get yourself in the game too by doing jumping jacks or pretending to use a jump rope as you shine the light all over the wall. Both you and your cat will enjoy a hearty workout.

Sit Up

Take your red dot pen or a flashlight and enjoy a workout for both you and for your cat. Start doing your normal sit up routine. When you get into the sitting position, sit and crunch. At the same time, wave the red dot or the flashlight along the wall to get your cat moving. You’ll work out your stomach muscles and your cat will exert some of her excess energy.

Go for a Walk

Some cats, especially those with high energy levels like Bengals, love going for walks. Not all do. But, if you are lucky, your cat will be one who enjoys going for walks. Start slow by introducing your cat to the lead. Walk around the house for the first time then move into the garden. Your cat, like your dog, will likely want to stop and sniff all the new smells, especially if she’s an indoor cat.

Once your cat is comfortable walking in the garden, start expanding your walking area to down the block and beyond.


Does your cat have a favourite toy? Maybe a feather on a stick she loves to chase? Or a toy filled with catnip? Get both of your hearts pumping with an old fashioned game of chase. Tease your cat by dangling her favourite toy in front of her face. When she lunges for it, start to run and keep running as long as she’s following you. After you let her catch it – and you both catch your breath – start another game of chase.

What are some of the exercises you and your cat enjoy doing together?



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