Nest Cam Outdoor Review (Ratings, Features, Pros, Cons)

Nest Cam Outdoor


Home security is becoming an increasing concern for many home owners and as someone who has pets, it’s even more of a concern.

Dog theft is on the rise and I am always on the look out for ways to make my home even more secure.

We already have an indoor Nest Cam which keeps an eye on the dogs when they are home alone, and as you will read in our review of the Indoor Nest Cam it’s a great camera that we are very impressed with.

Who Are Nest?

Nest creates products that basically keep you safe in your home. These include the indoor Cam, the outdoor cam, a thermostat and a smoke and CO alarm.

They are a clear leader in the marketplace in home safety and operate in Europe and North America.


Features of the Nest Cam Outdoor

The camera is weatherproof and is powered from the mains. This means you don’t have to purchase batteries or worry about the camera not working at any stage.

Nest Cam looks for motion and listens for loud sounds, it will then alert you and record images for you. So, if it hears a loud bang or sees something moving you will be alerted to that.

Alerts can be received on the app when the camera sees a person. For example, if someone comes down the driveway or is at the door you will get an alert via the app.

You can also set up alerts for important areas. So, if you want an alert if someone goes near your shed you can do this. You could also do this for any area where you keep your pets – ensuring that if someone approaches their kennel you are notified.

The camera has a built-in speaker and mic, so you can talk to people via the camera. This means you can chat to postman if he has a parcel for you or warn off an intruder.

It has a 130° wide-angle view to show you as much as possible, which is important if you have a large area you want to cover

The camera is 1080p HD and 8x zoom, meaning you can see every detail. Some cameras don’t have this same quality.

Night Vision means the camera can be used 24/7. Especially important if you have pets outside at night.

Nest Aware offers 24/7 continuous recording (this is a paid service)


Set Up Of The Camera: Nest Outdoor Camera Installation

The Nest Cam Outdoor is simple to install

  1. Set it up and connect to the App. This can be downloaded in the app store for either iPhone or android. There is no cost for the app.
  2. Choose a location to mount it. Remember you need wifi for the camera and a power source. So, it’s important to consider where you have power, or where you are going to put it, and that your wifi works in that area.
  3. Install it on the wall. Remember to consider where you want to keep watch for example front door, driveway, gate, garage etc.

Watch the video below for a simple installation guide.


Pros of The Nest Camera

I was pleased that there are no batteries to purchase and that it is powered by the mains. With an outdoor camera, I wasn’t sure if this would be the case.

The app allows you to view both your indoor and outdoor camera at the same time, meaning you only need to install one app on your phone for both.

Nest Cam

The quality of the image is excellent and extremely clear. I am impressed with both the indoor and outdoor camera quality.

The peace of mind is the biggest pro for me, meaning that I can feel confident that our home is secure and our pets.


Cons of The Nest Camera

I didn’t feel there were any cons to the camera. It’s not cheap, but then it’s a high-quality camera so a higher cost is to be expected.


Is This The Best Outdoor Camera?

This is the only outdoor camera that I have tried.

However if you are thinking of purchasing the Nest Cam Outdoor security camera it’s been very reliable and offers the same high-quality image as the indoor camera.

It’s also easy to use and setup, which is key for me.

And I know my pets are safe and sound when I am away from the home.

Let Us Know In The Comments Below If You Have A Nest Cam And What You Like About It.

Note: I received the Nest Cam mentioned above for free to assist in an article we were writing about the product. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.