Why You Need To Microchip Your Dog From April 1st 2016

Microchip Your Dog

It’s great news for dogs all over Ireland that Government has finally introduced legislation which comes into effect on April 1st this year, making it compulsory for all dogs to be microchipped and registered with a Government approved database.

Previously the 2015 legislation only applied to new puppies.

This is a great step towards responsible dog ownership in Ireland, requiring that all owners

  1. Get their dogs microchipped
  2. Keep their details up to date

Why are the Microchipping Of Dogs Regulations 2015 being brought in?

Microchipping of dogs is a great way to reunite owners with their pets, whether they have been lost or stolen. Rescues all over Ireland are full of dogs that cannot be reunited as they have no way of identifying their owner. While an owner can use a tag on a collar, a microchip is a much more efficient way of identifying a dog’s owners.

A chip in each dog should also go some way to stopping owners from abandoning dogs or dumping them without thought for their welfare.

Why does my dog need to be microchipped and registered?

The microchip contains a unique 15 digit number. Therefore your details will need to be stored alongside the chip details so that you can be contacted should your dog be found. If your details change, if you move house, for example, you will be required to update the details in the database. There are currently several databases in operation.

Which Databases are authorised?

Currently approved databases meeting the requirements are:
• Irish Coursing Club
Irish Kennel Club

I have already had my dog microchipped? Do I need to do it again?

No, you do not, however often people get their dogs microchipped and never register or keep their details updated. While the current chip in your dog should be compliant, it will need to be registered and the current owners details added to the register.

If you are unsure about the chip in your dog then please contact your Vet. They will be able to scan your dog and check the current details.

How will microchipping be monitored? How will you know if my dog is chipped?

Local authorities, DAFM, and An Garda Siochana will be responsible for enforcing the law. Vets will also be asked to remind owners to microchip their dogs.

Owners of dogs found without a chip after April 2016 will have a short amount of time to have the procedure carried out. Those who refuse to microchip their dogs could face a fine.

Can I buy/sell a dog that is not microchipped?

From the 1st April all dogs must be microchipped, so if you are buying a dog you should make sure that it is chipped and that the details of the dog are updated on the register into your own name.

If you are buying a puppy then by law it should already be chipped. Responsible breeders will be aware of this and will have all puppies chipped.

If you are getting a dog from a rescue then they will also be microchipped.

What should I do if my dog is not microchipped?

If you have not microchipped your dog then you should book an immediate appointment with your vet. They will be able to chip your dog and give you details of where to register the microchip.

The cost of microchipping has come down significantly in the last few years, with many places offering free microchipping promotions.

This is a huge step towards enforcing responsible dog ownership and we would encourage dog owners to embrace the new changes and make sure their dogs are chipped ASAP.