National Cat Health Month: Tips For Keeping Your Cat Healthy

National Cat Health Month

February is National Cat Health Month and I don’t know about you but I love all sorts of tips about keeping my pets healthy and out of the vets. Throughout the month we’ve been sharing some of these cat health tips on our Facebook page.  So to make it nice and easy for you we’ve put them all together in one article so you can read through them all at your leisure and share with your cat loving friends.

National Cat Health Month: 28 Tips For Keeping Your Cat Healthy

Tip 1: Always Provide Fresh Water For Your Cat

It’s important to have a fresh supply of water for your cat at all times. Some cats love drinking from taps or water fountains. Make sure you clean out their bowls regularly.


Tip 2: Make sure your cat has plenty of litter boxes.

If you have more than one cat you might want to get more than one litter box. Cats hate dirty litter and need a clean place to go to the bathroom all the time.


Tip 3: Choose the right place for your litter box.

Cats like somewhere quiet and spacious to do their business. So consider where you are going to place your litter box to give them the best environment possible.


Tip 4: Keep an eye on their bathroom habits

With all animals you should keep an eye on their toilet habits. Any chance in poo or pee then you should take them to the vets for a checkup. Also, if they start using the bathroom outside a clean litter box it should be investigated.


Tip 5: Keep your cats paws clean.

Cats are natural groomers and love to lick themselves clean. If they have anything hazardous on their feet you should make sure that you clean it off for them. If it’s something very sticky it could cause problems with them moving around.


Tip 6: Keep your cat off harmful surfaces

We all know that cats love to jump up on the counters, but make sure you keep them off any hot surfaces. Also be aware of them being on very cold surfaces and if they show any cracking or soreness on their paws make sure your vet checks it out.


Tip 7: Regularly check your cat’s paws.

When your cat is sitting on your knee looking for a cuddle take time to check their paws and make sure they are healthy. If you notice any cuts or sores then get them checked.


Tip 8: Look for toe hair that might be irritating your cat.

Sometimes long haired cats can get hair growing between their toes which might start to irritate them. You can trim this hair if it does.


Tip 9: Make sure your cat has a scratching post.

It’s important your cat has somewhere to scratch and that you encourage them to use the post.


Tip 10: Check your cat’s gums and teeth regularly.

Make sure their gums are a nice healthy pink colour. You should check for nice white teeth as well.


Tip 11: Brush your cat every day.

Regular brushing of your cats means less cat hair on your furniture and reduces the chance of them getting furballs. They will also love you for it!


Tip 12: Check for flea dirt

When it comes to fleas prevention is better than cure. But always keep a close look at your cat for any signs of fleas.

Tip 13: Find yourself the best Vet.

It’s always best to find a Vet that you like when you first get your pet so that if you need them you already have a relationship with them and they know your pet.

It’s also important to have regular check ups for your pets.

Tip 14: Spay or Neuter your cat.

Stop unwanted cats and be responsible by spaying or neutering. Talk to your Vet about the best time to do this.


Tip 15: Check your cat’s ears regularly.

Check for any dirt or build up of wax. It’s important to keep your cat’s ears clean and healthy.


Tip 16: Check your cat’s eye health.

Keeping your cat’s eye clean is very important. If you notice any unusual discharge then always consult your Vet.

Tip 17: Empty litter boxes frequently

Cats hate dirty litter boxes so if you don’t clean them regularly they will go to the toilet somewhere else. Usually in a place you don’t want them to!


Tip 18: When brushing your cat make sure you have the right brush.

There are different brushes for cats depending on the length of their hair, so make sure you select the correct one so that all of their hair gets a good brush.


Tip 19: Cats LOVE running water.

If you can find a way to give your cat a supply of running water they will love you for it. Lots of pet stores have water fountains for pets.


Tip 20: Your cat shouldn’t be panting.

Unlike dogs, if your cat is panting it may mean a trip to the Vet to make sure everything is ok.


Tip 21: Watch your cat’s tail.

Depending on how your cat is moving their tail determines whether they want a hug or to be left alone! Watch for the signs that cuddle time is over.


Tip 22: Worm your cat regularly.

It’s important to do this for your cat on a regular basis and also for your own health. Some worms can be passed on to humans so talk to your Vet about the worm treatment your cat needs and how often you should give it to them.


Tip 23: Consider taking out Cat Insurance

If your get gets sick or is in an accident then Pet Insurance can be a life saver. You can read more about Cat Insurance in Ireland here.


Tip 24: Spend time with your cat.

Despite what people say cats do love hugs and cuddles. They are not the loan rangers that people make them out to be.


Tip 25: Get your cat a nice warm bed.

Cats love to snuggle up in a nice warm bed. Make sure their bedding is fresh, clean and cosy.


Tip 26: Keep track of your cat

A GPS collar is a great way to know where you cat is at all times.

Check out our recent interview with POD Tracker to find out more about how a GPS tracker works


Tip 27: Keep your cat active

There are lots of toys on the market that you can purchase for your cat to keep them healthy and entertained.

There are also lots of games you can play with your cat which we discuss in our recent Podcast.


Tip 28: Give your cat lots of love and cuddles

Spending time with your cat can be relaxing for both of you. If your cat is home alone all day they will appreciate the attention when you get in each evening.


Have you got any health tips that you want to add? Let us know in the comments below.