Love Your Pets Podcast Eps 9: Choosing Names For Dogs And Cats.

names for dogs

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Weekly Fun Fact

The average lifespan of a fly is 28 days.

I also found an article about keeping a fly as a pet


In The Pawtime Press

Dog Drives into Supermarket

Shoppers in West Virginia were left stunned when two dogs drove a car towards a supermarket after their owner left them alone inside the vehicle.

Find out the full story here


Another Cat Being Evicted

Cat in Cambridge being evicted from Sainsburys for scratching a customer. Read more about it here


Pawsome Pet Shoutout

This week we feature Mark the Cat from Instagram

Remember if you want your pets to be internet famous then post a picture of your pet on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #loveyourpetspodcast Each week we will pick the coolest pets from around the world to feature.


Mark inspecting (licking, mostly) my new plants. #catsofinstagram #markthecat

A photo posted by Laura Cunningham (@cunninghamlaura) on


In The Spotlight: How To Choose A Name For Your Pet

#1.Stick To A Short Name

It’s easier to call a dog or cats name that only has 2 syllables. For example Coco or Joey. It’s also quicker and easier for the dog.


#2. Pick Something You Are Happy To Use In Public

You don’t want to call your pet something offensive and then have to shout their name in public. It might seem entertaining to you at the time, but it won’t when you are in the park or standing at the back door calling their name.


#3. Match It To Their Personality

When people pick names for children before they are born they often decide when the child arrives that all of a sudden they don’t like the name Fred as their child doesn’t look like a Fred.

It’s important when you pick your pets name that it matches their personality. You wouldn’t call a quiet shy small dog Butch! It just wouldn’t suit their personality.

Sarah told us that… Freya was carefully chosen (after watching a Dr.Phill show about how name meanings do influence personalities) as it means goddess of bonding and love and that’s exactly what she is!


 #4. Avoid Family Member Names

If you have an uncle Reg then it might not be family friendly to call your dog Reg. People can get offended quite easily. It’s always best to ask the person if you are unsure if they would mind.

Saoirse told us that …. Lola was named after my mam. I always told her I’d name my first child after her and when I got a dog everyone in the house joked that she was my child . So I looked it up and Lola comes from Dolores (my mam’s name) and that’s where we got the name.


#5. Be Inspired By Things Around You

When kids name pets then I am sure lots of them get named after the latest action figure or kids TV show character. When you start to look there is inspiration all around you, on TV, in books, in magazines, places you visit.

Lynda told us that …. Mac was named after President Mary McAleese.My daughter was obsessed with her at the time and got to meet her at school..shortly after we met the new member of our family so she chose Mac as his name. I’m sure Mary McAleese would be chuffed to know there’s a Lab out there named in her honour!


#6. Ask Friends and Family

Sometime you can come up with a short list of names by asking friends and family for ideas. Make a list and then start crossing off the ones you really don’t like until you are left with the perfect name.

Linda told us that her…  hubby named our GSD after Al Bundy from the TV show Married With Children. Tony calls him Al but I call him Ally.


#7. Girl Dog Names / Cat Names

If you have a female pet then you probably want to pick something a little more girly for them that will suit their personality and style.

Or maybe if they have a boyish nature you want something female but not too girly

Regina told us that she….went through MANY combinations and permutations for Milly before settling on her name. She’s not a girly dog, doesn’t like clothing of any nature and is only happy out in the fields racing after stuff. So it was the most feminine, non-girly name I could come up with that suited he


#8. Male Dog Names / Male Cat Names

What type of male name would you pick? Maybe a character from TV.

Joey our Pointer loves his food and we called him Joey after Joey from Friends…as if you watched the show you will know that Joey doesn’t share food!

Fionnuala told us that… she named Harley after Harley Davidson motorbikes as my hubby is mad into cars & bikes and the name just suited him x


Tell us how did you choose your pets name?