Movie Review of The Secret Life Of Pets

Secret Life Of Pets

Ever Wonder What Your Pets Do When You’re Not Home?

If you are pet owner you have probably wondered at some stage what your pets get up to when you leave your house. Well the Secret Life of Pets movie will probably give you all the answers you have been looking for.

  • Are they napping all day?
  • Do they really talk to one another?
  • What adventures do they get up to?
  • How much do they really miss you?

This and much more is answered in this fun, animated movie.

It’s definitely one for kids, but there are lots of laughs there for adults as well. The writers have definitely captured the characteristics of cats and dogs really well. The crazy ball obsession dogs have and the I’m the master of you attitude cats have – it’s all in there.

The story centres around a dog Max who has to come to terms with his owner getting him a big brother, Duke. In an attempt to get rid of Duke, Max ends up on an adventure across the city with Duke that ends in (well I will leave you to guess, but you can be assured of a happy ending!)

The voice overs are excellent and the animation really makes you feel like you get to know each of the characters and their personality.

My advice – grab a ticket and some popcorn and enjoy!


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