Most Popular Dog Names: Top Dog Names Of 2015

Oh, what a difference a year makes. Last January as we counted down the Top Dog Names of 2014, both kids and dog parents were gripped by Frozen fever. Elsa, of course, became one of the top dog names of the year.

As the page turned to 2015, some dog parents still gripped with Frozen fever continued to name their lady pups Elsa while another Disney princess joined the popularity list: Aurora of Sleeping Beauty fame. Other fictitious characters earned recognition in 2015 as well, most notably Finn and Sawyer. The Mark Twain characters became popular names for male dogs.

And pet parents also moved toward the trend of giving traditionally male names to their female pups. Many, in fact, crowned their girls Charlie in 2015.

Trends aside, what names landed in the top 10 for females and for males in 2015? Without further ado, ladies first:

Top Female Dog Names of 2015

Top Dog Names for 2015










And the top female dog name of 2015: Bella

Top Male Dog Names of 2015










And the top male dog name of 2015: Max

Tips for Naming Your Dog

How do those popular names become so popular? Why do people choose to name their dogs what they do? Well, everyone has their own way of choosing their new family member’s name. Here are some tips for naming your dog:

• Get to know your dog’s personality. Is she shy? Outgoing? A little crazy? The house clown? Choose a name that fits with her personality.

• Opt for a name that has two syllables maximum. A one or two syllable name will be much easier for your dog to recognize and for you to call, especially in an emergency.

• Use an original name – that is, don’t name your dog the same name as your spouse or as your child. Can you imagine how confusing that would be for both canine and human?

• Be proud of the name you choose and that you will have absolutely no problem with yelling out in front of others. If you’re embarrassed by the name, choose a different name.

• Do not use any name that your dog could mistake for a command. For example, you will likely train your dog not to do something by firmly saying “no.” If your dog’s name is Bo, he may have some difficulty differentiating between his name and the command no.

• Have fun! Naming your dog shouldn’t be stressful. It should be an enjoyable process.

Does your dog have one of the top dog names of 2015?

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