Most Popular Dog Names in 2014

Some people just can’t let it go. They are, in fact, so enchanted by Frozen, one of the biggest movies of the last two years, that not only will you find little girls walking around dressed as Queen Elsa, but you are likely to hear about more dogs with the same moniker.

You also just must run into more Leias, Vaders, Yodas, and Chewbaccas walking around as Star Wars’ fans named their pups after favourite characters, perhaps in anticipation of the latest installment of the series due out in theatres in late 2015.

Popular culture isn’t the only inspiration for finding names. In fact, many people turn to their favourite foods and drinks to bestow upon their beloved pooch. Guinness and Kale have both proven to be popular names in 2014.

Most Popuar Dog Names of 2014

In honour of the annual ritual of most popular lists that traditionally come out at the beginning of every New Year, let’s look at the most popular names for both female and male dogs in 2014.

Drumroll, please….

Most Popular Female Dog Names of 2014

Ten… Maggie

Nine… Zoey

Eight… Chloe

Seven… Lola

Six… Sophie


Four… Mouy

Three… Lucy

Two… Daisy

And the most popular dog name for females in 2014 goes to:


Most Popular Male Dog Names of 2014

Many dog owners stayed with traditional names for their male dogs in 2014. The top 10 most popular dog names for males in 2014 were:

Ten… Toby

Nine… Bentley

Eight… Jack

Seven… Bear

Six… Duke

Five… Cooper

Four… Rocky

Three… Charlie

Two… Buddy

And, the most popular dog name for males in 2014 was:


Choosing Your Dog’s Name

You have just adopted your dog but you’re not a fan of his name. Or, you found the perfect princess, but she’s just a puppy and doesn’t yet have a name. How do you choose your dog’s name? Here are a few fun tips to finding the perfect name for your pooch:

  1. Check out the lists of most popular dog names.
  2. Make a list of your favourite foods and drinks.
  3. Opt for the name of one of your favourite television or movie characters.
  4. Turn to your favourite books to find the perfect name.
  5. Pick your top three favourite names and have your family and friends vote for their favourite one on Facebook or on Twitter.


How Did You Choose Your Dog’s Name?



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