Most Popular Dog Names 2012

As I was researching online the other day, I came across an article on about the most popular male and female dog names. It got me wondering, what inspires you when thinking of a name for your dog?

I’d like to think that the names I’ve chosen over the years for my various pets have been unique, I’ve had a Red Setter called Roka (not sure where that came from as I was only about 6), two Cavalier King Charles dogs called Seve (after the golfer Seve Ballesteros) and Jake (after the TV show Jake and the Fatman), a hamster called Wenger (after the Arsenal manager, yes I support Arsenal…) and Simba and Nala are named after the Lion King as it’s my all-time favourite film.

Nala and Simba

So here’s the list of the most popular dog names of 2012 –

10. Maggie (female) & Toby (male)
9. Coco (female) & Jack (male)
8. Chloe (female) & Duke (male)
7. Sadie (female) & Bentley (male)
6. Sophie (female) & Bear (male)
5. Lola (female) & Cooper (male)
4. Molly (female) & Rocky (male)
3. Lucy (female) & Charlie (male)
2. Daisy (female) & Buddy (male)
1. Bella (female) & Max (male)

I had to laugh when I saw that my own name and my nickname are in the top ten (I’ll let you figure out the latter!)

I’d love to find out if any of your dogs’ names are on the list? Or if not, what name did you choose for your pet and why? Leave a comment below




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