Most Popular Cat Names in 2014

You knew the moment you first saw her. She was destined to be a Fluffy. Or, maybe his tough exterior just made him Tom Cat.

One of the most fun parts of bringing a new pet into our lives, besides the lifelong love and affection that results, is choosing the perfect name. Some people opt for the traditional – like Fluffy and Tom – while others honor figures from popular culture with cat parents bestowing such memorable names as Bono and Gandalf on their furry feline pals.

A cat’s name is a reflection of her personality and your personality. Last Friday we counted down the top 10 most popular dog names – both female and male – so today is dedicated to all of our fabulous feline friends.

Let the countdown begin!

Most Popular Cat Names of 2014

10 Most Popular Cat Names for Females in 2014










And the top female cat name in 2014:


10 Most Popular Cat Names for Males in 2014










And the top male cat name in 2014:


What’s In A Name?

Is your cat ferocious and strong? Delicate and poised? Adventurous and outgoing? Celebrate your cat’s distinct personality by choosing a name that fits him or her. Keep the following tips in mind when deciding which name to bestow upon your faithful feline friend:

  • Stick with tradition by choosing such names – Kitty and Fluffy, for example – that are most closely identified with cats.
  • Is your kitten or cat your baby? Those who consider their pets their fur children often choose names, such as Sophie and Molly, they would give a child.
  • Most people have nicknames for their pets. Think about all the potential nicknames that might work with your cat’s name when choosing the perfect moniker. (Don’t forget, though, that sometimes nicknames often have no relation to an original name at all.)
  • Keep it simple. If you decide on a long and creative name – Princess Muffy of Fluffington, for example – make sure you can shorten it into a nickname. After all, can you imagine yelling Princess Muffy of Fluffington at every meal time or any time you want to get your cat’s attention? You might just be out of breath and your cat will likely have already stopped listening by the time you get to the last syllable in Fluffington.

Most of all, however, have fun choosing a name. Make it something the whole family can take part in as a way to celebrate your newest family member.

How did you decide on your cat’s name? Share your tips with us!



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