Meet 2014 Nose Of Tralee Finalist, Penny, from Co Kilkenny

Congratulations, Penny!

She’s still just a puppy – six months shy of her first birthday – yet Penny has won the hearts and adoration of people from all across Ireland. Her spunk, her charisma, and her family, friends, and fans all helped her achieve nationwide recognition this summer. Congratulations to Penny, the 2014 Kilkenny Nose!


6 months


Jack Russell

Special Skills


Favourite Food

Apples and dog treats

Favourite Toy

Squeaky money teddy

Favourite Place to Sleep

In our bed

Favourite Activity

Playing with her toys

How did your dog come into your life?

We got Penny when she was three months old from a family in Tipperary.

What’s Penny’s story?

In May this year after 15 years together, we had to say goodbye to our Jack Russell Cassie. She was such a special dog who we still miss very much. She had developed cancer and over time got sicker and sicker so we had to make the difficult decision and put her to sleep. We were so upset and never thought we could get another dog.

All that changed when my dad decided he wanted to get another Jack Russell and asked us to help in his search. We then found Penny and as soon as I met her I knew she was special. My dad was on holidays at the time and asked us to collect Penny and look after her until he got home. Penny was so full of life and made our house a home again. When my dad came home from his holidays, he knew how happy Penny made us so he gave her to us. We were so happy but secretly we knew there was no way Penny was leaving our house.

What makes your dog and her breed so special?

I always grew up with dogs in the house and always Jack Russell’s. I have been so luck to have owned two Jack Russell’s and now Penny. They are extremely loyal dogs and make the best companions but you must be careful that they are brought up correctly as they can be very vicious. They may be a small dog but they need a lot of training and lots of attention. Which is what I love about the breed. Penny is your typical Jack Russell.

What makes Penny the most pawtastic pet EVER!

Penny is the most pawtastic pet ever cause she makes us laugh all the time. She is such a character and loves to cuddle up to us when she is tired.

Why did you decide to enter the Nose of Tralee?

We decided to enter the Nose of Tralee cause we are so proud of our fur baby Penny that we wanted Ireland to meet her.

How did you prepare for the contest and get votes?

We contacted all our local newspapers and radio stations. We went crazy on Facebook and just kept asking people to vote and it worked as we came in 3rd place.

What did it mean to you and your dog to get to the finals of the Nose Of Tralee?

We were so so happy and couldn’t believe we where chosen as Kilkenny’s Nose. When the sash came in the post, it was adorable and impossible to get Penny to pose with it but we got there in the end.

What did you enjoy most about the Nose Of Tralee?

We loved getting out around Kilkenny and letting people meet Penny. We really enjoyed being on the radio and Penny was so well behaved.

What advice would you give to the next Nose of your county?

I think next year more people will be aware of the competition and this will make it a little easier getting votes. Facebook was where we got most of our votes.

How is your dog handling their new found fame?

Penny is taking it all in her stride.

If you dog could be any super hero who would they be?




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