Mazee Dog Toy

Food releasing toys provide great stimulation for your dog. Dogs can get bored and fed up, and with these interactive toys your dog can enjoy the puzzle aspect of this toy, along with the reward element.

Simply stuff the Mazee Dog Toy with treats and watch your dog enjoy the challenge of moving the ball around to release the treats.

You can use different size treats to make it easier or harder for them to release the treats.

They really are fantastic – Coco leaps all over hers to get the treats out. It’s as fun for us to watch her as it is for her to play with it.

Watch the promotional video to see a number of different dogs playing with the Mazee Toy.

Mazee Dog Toy.

You can also watch Coco playing with hers. This was when she first got the toy and we had put small treats in it to make it easier for her. She is onto the big treats now and so has a lot more fun trying to get them out!

Coco and her Mazee Ball

They come in Green and Raspberry and are 4.5″ high.

Order one today!



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