All About Maine Coon Cats: Cost, Personality, Facts & More

Maine coon catsWhile researching information for the previous blog about Persian cats, it seemed that Maine Coon Cats were the 2nd most searched cat in Ireland (they are pretty fab to look at). So, here’s a breakdown of some FAQs and need to know information regarding Maine Coons.

All About Maine Coon Cats: Cost, Personality, Facts & More

The Basics

Maine Coons are the largest domestic breed. Male Maine Coons can weigh up to 18 pounds (which is the same weight as a bowling ball or car tyre!!). The average length of a Maine Coon is roughly 40 inches. They come in 75 amazing different colour combinations. They are also referred to as the American Longhair.

To help you learn more about the Maine Coon here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions

How Many Years Do Maine Coons Live For?

Studies show that on average Maine Coons live up to 10 years but some exceptions have lived as long as 12 years or slightly longer. They are considered a healthy breed but can suffer from some health complications. It is also said that that neutering/spaying will prolong the life of the animal.

Health problems associated with Maine Coons:

There are some hereditary health issues that can be of concern with Maine Coons such as:

  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy- Most common form of heart disease in cats.
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Spinal Muscular atrophy

What Is The Best Food/ Diet For A Maine Coon Cat?

There is no specific or special diet for a Maine Coon. The main list that appeared for “best” food for Maine coons was:

  • Orijen Cat & Kitten dry cat food
  • Wellness complete health natural dry cat food
  • Purina ONE indoor advantage dry cat food.

How Fast Does A Maine Coon Grow?

Most other cat breeds are fully grown by 2years old, but the Maine Coon takes up to 4years to reach full size! Males are generally larger than females.

Are Maine Coons Smart?

Maine Coons are known for their intelligence. They are quick learners and are easily trained.

Do They Shed?

Similar to Persian cats, Maine Coons are also high maintenance cats as their fur is quite thick and long. They constantly shed their hair but there are things you can do to keep this under control:

  • Brushing- Brushing several times a day will collect the loose hair on top and stop it from falling around the house.
  • Grooming- Getting your Maine Coon professionally groomed will help with shedding as there is the option of cutting their hair short.

Bathing- This is important for issues such as matted hair.

Maine coon cat

What Are Maine Coon Characteristics?

Maine Coons are quite distinguishable from other breeds due to their large size, long thick fur and “Lynx” like ears that have tufts of fur sticking off the ends. Their paws also have tufts of hair on the ends.

What Is The Personality Of A Maine Coon? Are They Family Friendly?

Maine Coons are referred to as “Dogs of the cat world” and “Gentle Giants”. They are highly intelligent, friendly, playful and curious. They get along well with children and other animals. They are also considered to be “hypoallergenic” which means that they are suitable for someone who would usually be allergic to cats.

How Much Do Maine Coons Cost?

The price of Maine Coons in Ireland seems to range from €480- €750. There are Maine Coon breeders in Ireland and it is always important to research the potential breeder as this is where family history can determine your Maine Coon kitten’s health. Of course, we would always recommend visiting Ireland’s pounds and rescue centres to consider giving one of those cats a forever home.

Here’s Some Extra Fun Facts:

  • They don’t “meow”- They “Chirp and Trill”, which is a mixture of a meow and purr.
  • They love water- They have water resistant fur and are good swimmers.
  • Viking origins- An origin myth is that they came to the US with Vikings!
  • It was thought they were related to Raccoons- This is false!
  • A Maine Coon named Cosey won the first US cat show in 1895.
  • They are built to survive cold winter temperatures.
  • Maine Coons are popular in Japan.
  • Apparently, Mrs. Norris from Harry Potter was a Maine Coon.
  • The world’s oldest cat at 26 years old is a Maine Coon!
  • They can sometimes have 6 toes!

If you own a Maine Coon Cat, show us in the comments below, we would love to see it!