Meet The Pet Sitters Ireland Family: Mae

As part of our ongoing Meet the Pet Sitters Ireland Family series we have another of our customers pets to introduce to you. Another doggie that came from a hard start in life and then moved into a wonderful home full of love!

So this week I’d like to introduce you to Mae.

She might be enjoying her retirement but she has not retired from getting into mischief as she lights up the garden with fairy lights! Although her mum says she is the best behaved dog ever..and we believe her!

You can read more about Mae below and if you would like to join the Pet Sitters Ireland Family then Get In Touch today!

Time To Meet Our Superstar Doggie Mae

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Approx 10 years old



If you were on Xfactor, what would your story be?

Life has been very confusing as an old gal in the last year…during the bad snow last year somehow I ended up in a concrete box with lots of other dogs…they gave me food and water and a bed but it was very boring there. I was there for a long time,my mom says more than four months I sat and waited for someone to come get me. Then one day the man lifted me out of the box and my mom put the most beautiful purple collar on me and a pink tag…and she called me Mae.

When I got to her home I ran outside and stood at the door as I didn’t know if I was allowed in or not. When I walked on her floor my nails tapped and I thought that was very strange. It took me a while to explore the house but when I met the two doggos who live there they told me life is good here and I copied them jumping on the sofa.

I have a few weary bones and I’m a bit grey now but I’m very much enjoying my retirement…all my old yellow fur fell out but now I have new sleek shiny white fur! I love living inside and having my own human to love is wonderful.

What is your favourite place to hang out when you go out on walks (or just a stroll around the neighbourhood)?

I love the beach but I often overdo it and mom has to reign me in. My old legs aren’t what they used to be.

Where do you love to sleep after a hard days work?

On the sofa on top of mom…I don’t know why I don’t fit on her lap but I’ll keep trying.

What are you favourite pet treats?

I love to get my arthritis medicine in yogurt and I am picky but will always take a bit of chicken if it’s going.

What human food do you save your begging skills for?

I’m good as gold I never beg!

What’s the funniest thing you ever did (maybe it didn’t make your owner laugh!)?

Trying to sit on my mom’s lap seems to be a hoot…she must have tickles as she always laughs when I climb on her

What’s the cutest thing you ever did (apart from everything!)?

Sometimes I walk over and put my chin on mom’s knee and just look into her eyes. I think she understands how much I love her as she tells me how much I’m loved hundreds of times every day.

Be honest…what’s the naughtiest thing you ever did (we won’t tell your human!)?

I love a sniff in the garden and got myself Tangled in the fairy lights somehow…being a smartie I just stood there even though she called me so many times .. eventually she got me out…she’s not that bright sometimes.

If you could be any superhero which would you be, and why?

I would be world’s best behaved dog….no one knows where I came from or my many adventures and misadventures but even though things have been tough (I have the x-rays to prove it!) I am always gentle and kind to humans and other dogs. My mom says it was the luckiest day of her life to take home such a beautiful well mannered doggo

What do you think your human loves most about you (apart from everything!)?

I know she loves to give me a hug and I enjoy a proper human hug sometimes. She loves when I sit beside her and just look into her face. She catches me sometimes sitting in the car after a walk staring happily out the window and she loves that I am part of the family now and having a fun and happy life.

What does your human do that annoys you (promise not to tell them!)?

She keeps buying new beds to make sure my bones are on a soft spot but I honestly get confused at times at where she’s going to put them all and which one to choose…

What do you love most about your Pet Care Assistant (we will definitely tell them!)?

Jane is so kind to me. Because some days I am creaky she keeps an eye if I’m up for a walk with a spring in our step or if I have a bad day she will plod along beside me slowly so I still get a sniff and a bit of fresh air.


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