Luxurious Felt Cat and Small Dog Beds

If your pets are anything like mine then you’ll know that they quickly find a warm comfy place for a snooze, usually on my bed! But now you can get a cat or dog bed for your pet that they can really call their own.

Cats and small dogs really like to curl up and keep warm and these dog and cat beds are not only warm and comfy, but also look stylish in your home.

These pet beds are handmade using a rubberized coconut fiber mattress at the core, with luxurious cambric cotton with Joma wool toppers and vibrant felt covers.

Available in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink.

They are 60cm x 45cm, with a sleeping space of 40cm x 30cm.

Made in Wicklow, they have been Handmade in Ireland for Pet Sitters Ireland, and can be bought exclusively at our online pet boutique.

My personal favourite is the pink one..but then I love all things pink.

Which one is your favourite?



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