Love Your Pets Ep5: Dog Rescues In Ireland: What Can We Do To Help.

Rescues In Ireland

Weekly Fun fact

Dogs suffer from jealousy and are just as likely to turn into a green eyed monster as humans, according to scientists in California.

Researchers studied 36 dogs from 14 breeds and found that most were indifferent when their owners ignored them until the owners showered their attention on a stuffed dog.


In The Pawtime Press

Secret Life Of Pets

If you haven’t already been to see it I highly recommend it. It’s fun and the mannerisms of the animals they have spot on. Just a really nice feel fun laugh out loud movie, suitable for all ages.


A Very Unlucky Black Cat

Meet Blacky the cat, the internet sensation who lost his eye, got run over by a car and now is an internet sensation in a wheelchair.

You can read more about Blacky in this article.


Dog Steals Phone In Leitrim

Have you ever had your dog outsmart you? In this video you will see how this dog outsmarted his owner.


Pawsome Pet Shoutout

Remember if you want your pets to be internet famous then post a picture of your pet on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #loveyourpetspodcast. Each week we will pick the coolest pets from around the world to feature.

This week we feature Bella and Luna, 2 of the cutest cats in Ireland.



In The Spotlight

In the Spotlight this week we are going to be talking all about Rescues.

The problem of abandoned dogs in Ireland certainly isn’t a new one, we hear about it all the time.

But there were a few stats this week that really caught my eye and made me think that although yes we can get people to chip their pets and we can monitor breeders, but there is an entire attitude shift that needs to take place towards the way animals are viewed in Ireland.

On one hand, we got good news this week that the puppy farm owner from Carlow is finally facing charges, something that will bring some justice for all the animals that suffered at the hands of his cruelty.

But on the other hand, I read an article with a statement from Dogs Trust that stated

“Sadly, we see this time of year people saying they’ve two weeks’ holidays and they didn’t realise how expensive the kennels were so the dog ends up in a dog pound. It’s a sad reason to see a dog in a pound.”

Maybe it’s a bit naive of me, but that totally shocked me. That someone would have a family member that they once loved and then because they want to take a holiday they get rid of them.

Apart from the pure horror of it, a few things crossed my mind.

1.    Where do they tell their friends the dog went?

2.    Are they just dumping the dog at the side of the road and never looking back?

3.    Did they even consider what they would do with the dog when they went on holiday BEFORE they got it?

4.    Are they going to get another dog and do the same next year?

I know people’s circumstances change and some people are forced to surrender their pets, no-one is judging those people as they are doing the responsible thing and are probably heartbroken at having to do it.

But to dump a dog for any reason is wrong, but to dump them for a holiday is beyond disgusting.

What Can Be Done To Help Dog Rescues In Ireland?

In all honesty, I am not sure what you can do to stop this happening.

Rescues and Breeders all have to be responsible with who they give dogs to. I know lots of rescues do home checks, but do breeders?

Can you really tell how a person will behave in 6 months time from one home visit – probably not. But neither do rescues have the resources to be checking the home of each dog every few weeks.

This will only be stopped when adults stop getting dogs that they can’t take care of.

The blame has to be placed with them and they have to be held accountable.

Before you get a dog please understand that it’s not cheap to own a dog, both in terms of the financial costs and the time commitment.

They need so much from you as our article on getting a dog explained.

If you love animals but cannot give them the time they need and deserve why not volunteer at your local shelter or donate money to them.

Do something to help with the problem and not add to it.

While a cute puppy might seem like a good idea on a Saturday morning, come Monday when you have to go back to work it doesn’t always seem like such a good idea.

My message would be to stop and think do you really have the time and finances to commit to taking care of this dog for the rest of their life and giving them a life that the truly deserve.

What do you think? I would love to hear your views –let me know in the comments below!