Love Your Pets Ep4: ScoobyBox Dog Subscription Box In Ireland

Dog Subscription Box In Ireland

Weekly Fun fact

  • The giraffe is the tallest mammal in the world, with even new-born babies being taller than most humans.
  • Baby Giraffes can stand within half an hour and after only 10 hours can actually run alongside their family.

We think Giraffe’s should run the country! They sound pretty smart!


In The Pawtime Press

Worlds Ugliest Dog

16 pooches competed for the title and the prize of $1,500 and a six-foot trophy.

It’s a bit of a strange one – shouldn’t we all see the beauty in our dogs! There would be uproar if we had an ugliest baby contest – so should dogs be treated the same!

You can read more about the Worlds Ugliest Dog Competition in this article


Texas city council votes to evict library’s cat

A cat in Texas is being evicted from his home of 8 years after council officials decided it was time for him to move on. In this ridiculous move the cat has been given 30 days to move out. We wonder if he will be paid for his mouse catching over the years and whether the council will back down and find something better to do with their time!

You can read more about Browser and his predicament in this article.



Pawsome Pet Shoutout

Remember if you want your pets to be internet famous then post a picture of your pet on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #loveyourpetspodcast. Each week we will pick the coolest pets from around the world to feature.

This week we are featuring Willow, who is a gorgeous Shitzu from Ireland and is a member of our love your pets facebook group.

I think you will agree Willow is gorgeous!


In The Spotlight – SccobyBox

In the Spotlight this week is Gary Redmond from Scoobybox

Scoobybox is a treat subscription box for dogs. Each month your dog gets a box of awesome treats delivered to their door to save you the hassle of heading out to the shops trying to find new treats for them to try.

We talked to Gary about how the business started, what’s in the box, where the products come from and the owners general love for animals which they share on the Scoobyhub section of their website.

Scooby Dog Treat Subscription Box

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