Love Your Pets Ep3: The Podtracker GPS Pet Tracking Collar

GPS Pet Tracker


Weekly Fun fact

Cats can run up to 30 miles per hour.

That is a seriously fast speed, no wonder they are good at catching mice and why they come so quickly when they hear you opening their cat food.


In The Pawtime Press

Pet-owner in shock after sausage filled with rat poison is thrown to dog in back garden

This is a terrible story of an innocent dog just enjoying time in his own garden when someone tried to poison him by throwing sausage filled with rat poison into the back garden.

The owner commented:

“Three large chunks of chorizo sausage were thrown into our garden from the lane behind our house. The sausages were hollowed out and stuffed with rat poison.

“I just happened to be going to the back door to call Freddie in, when I saw him eating something. A piece of the sausage had landed on the patio table.

Now there is wine for cats!

Never drink alone again, now you can drink with your cat! A Colorado company has created a range of wine for cats, with varieties including ‘Pinot Meow’ and ‘MosCATo’, so cat lovers will always have someone to hang out and enjoy wine with.

Pawsome Pet Shoutout

Remember if you want your pets to be internet famous then post a picture of your pet on Twitter, FB or Instagram using the hashtag #loveyourpetspodcast. Each week we will pick the coolest pets from around the world to feature.

This week I am featuring Millie. Millie is a totally cool dog who is made famous by her association with Millies Beach Huts in the UK. She is the inspiration behind the business and I know she loves hanging out with her mum at the beach and is just an all round total beach babe!


In The Spotlight – Podtracker GPS Collar

In the Spotlight this week is Sebastian Langton from Podtracker the home of the GPS Pet Tracking Collar.

Sebastian describes himself as “A crazy cat lady trapped in a man’s body”

We chatted to Sebastian and found out:

  • Why the company was started.
  • How the Pod Tracker works to GPS track your pet.
  • What the Benefits of the Podtracker are.
  • How a GPS tracking collar can help with pet theft in Ireland.
  • What happens if your cat, or dog, loses their GPS collar.

It was a great interview and it was clear to me that Sebastian has a great affinity with animals.

You can read more about the POD Trackers on their website.