Love Your Pets Ep1: The Nose Of Tralee Pet Competition

Nose Of Tralee Pet Competition



Weekly Fun Fact

Did you know that Sea otters hold hands when they sleep to keep them from drifting apart?

In The Pawtime Press

Irish Ferries has announced their new 144 million euro cruise facility which will sail between the UK, Ireland, and France. The good thing for pet owners is that it is going to have an on board facility for your pet which means now your four-legged friend can travel with you.


The Queen announced the new range of royal dog accessories is perfect for dog lovers around the world and I am sure will be a great hit.

“The 11-piece range also includes a double sided grooming brush (£9.95), an accessory pouch (£14.95), a handmade tartan fleece blanket (£60) and pet beds (£65 to £75). The white china bowl costs £25, while the coats are priced from £35 to £45.” Independent

Did you know a Corgi won last years Nose Of Tralee competition?


Pawsome Pet Shoutout

Remember if you want your pets to be internet famous then post a picture of your pet on Twitter, FB or Instagram using the hashtag #loveyourpetspodcast

Each week we will pick the coolest pets from around the world to feature.

This week I am featuring Coco who has been enjoying time with her Pet Sitter this week.


In The Spotlight – The Nose Of Tralee

Yes, you heard it right it’s the nose of Tralee and not the Rose of Tralee.

If you live in Ireland you will be aware of the very famous Rose Of Tralee competition that is held each year. Where Roses from the 32 counties of Ireland compete for the title of Rose of Tralee. Well this is the pet version, where your pet can be crowned Nose of Tralee and hold the title for 12 months.

So if you live in Cork your dog or cat could be crowned Nose Of Cork and then overall Nose of Tralee if they beat the other 2 finalists to the title.

How The Competition Works

The competition is open for entries now and all you need to do is submit a photo of your pet and tell us why they would make a good nose of Tralee. Maybe they are the cutest dog in your area, maybe they are a cat that can beg for treats or maybe they have an amazing rescue story – you tell us.

A public vote then will decide who goes through to the judges and ultimately goes on to win their county title and the overall Nose of Tralee title.

Prizes and sponsors

First Prize

  • A Mini Ipad and a 200 euro Pet Sitting Voucher from Pet Sitters Ireland
  • A photo shoot with David Mcauley photography for you and your pet in Dublin, including one canvas image.
  • A GPS Tracking Collar from PodTracker
  • A 6 Month Treat Subscription Box from Scooby Box (alternative will be provided for pets other than dogs)

Runner Up Prize

  • A 100 euro Pet Sitting Voucher from Pet Sitters Ireland
  • A GPS Tracking Collar from PodTracker
  • A 3 Month Treat Subscription Box from Scooby Box (alternative will be provided for pets other than dogs)


How To Enter The Nose Of Tralee

Nose Of Tralee pet competition at

We would love to see you enter.