Love Your Pets Podcast Eps 14: How To Find A Lost Dog Or Cat

Lost Dog Or Cat

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Weekly Fun Fact

Dogs can sense sadness in humans and will often attempt to make their humans happier by initiating a cuddle.

I can totally relate to this and believe it is true of cats too.

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A PC for dogs!

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An app to measure your dogs happiness levels.

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Pawsome Pet Shoutout

This week because we are talking about lost dogs and cats I want to encourage everyone to check out the lost and found pets website to see if you have help reunite a pet with their owner.

Lost and Found Website


In The Spotlight: How To Find A Lost Dog Or Cat

Losing your dog or cat is a stressful and worrying time for everyone in the family. Not knowing where they are, if they are ok and when you will see them again can be agonising.

When something like this happens iy can send you in to panic mode and you don’t know what to do first. To help you stay focused and make sure you get the word out to as many people as possible we have put together a list of things you can do to find your missing pet as soon as possible.

#1. Ask Your Neighbours

This should be one of the first things that you do as you pet could have just wandered into a neighbours garden or they could have seen your dog out and brought them in to safety until they were able to contact you.

If your cat is missing then make sure you ask your neighbours to check their sheds and garages, as cats have a habit of getting themselves locked in spaces.


#2. Post on Social Media

Most people are on social media so the sooner you can get your pets picture out onto Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and ask people to share it for you the better.

The key to finding your pet will be getting people in your area seeing their picture as soon as possible.

Sometimes it can be good to set up a Facebook Page just for your missing pet so that people can share updates on it of any sightings.


#3. Contact Your Vet

Often if people find pets they will take them to the local vet or just call the vet and let them know that they have them.

Your vet will have any details of animals that have been reported to them. They will also have the ability to scan your pets microchip, so make sure those details are up to date.


#4. Call The Local Garda Station

The Garda station may also have details of any lost pets if they have been reported to them. It’s a good idea to let as many people know you are missing a pet as possible so that if someone finds them your details have been left all over the place.

If you feel there is any foul play in your pet going missing, then also reports this to the garda straight away.


#5. Call Your Local Rescue

Often if someone finds a pet and they don’t know who it belongs to then they will automatically take it to the local rescue. Most rescues have websites and facebook pages where they post pictures of new animals that have been brought in, however it’s hard to tell how up to date they are. It’s always best to call the rescue and give a description of your pet and your contact details.


#6. Ring The Radio Station

Many of radio stations have slots where they will read out details of missing pets. It tends to be the local radio stations that will do this for people rather than the Nationwide stations.


Make sure you give them plenty of detail and a really good description of your pet.


#7. Put an Ad on Lost and Found Pets

The lost and Found Pets website is a great place to put an ad. They also have a very active Facebook page where they provide updated information about missing pets.

You can visit their website at >>


#8. Post on Local Area/animal Facebook Pages

There are lots of pages on Facebook for different areas of Ireland or for different types of animals. Posting your missing pet in these groups can help raise awareness of them in your area.

It’s usually best to contact the admin of the page to get their support to promote it for you.


#9. Create Posters

Create a poster for your missing pet. Give lots of details and include a picture if possible. Some people even offer a reward for the safe return of their pet.

Make sure you put your poster all over town and remember your cat or dog may have travelled some distance, so think about where you lost them and what areas of nearby.


#9. Ask Local Businesses for Help

If you have posters and a Facebook page created, then why not ask local businesses to share your Facebook page on their page and put a poster up if they have a physical location.

Think about where people visit every week, places like the post office, bank, butchers and local shop. You could even ask your local church to add a notice to the local parish newsletter or mention it during mass.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any additional tips to help find a lost dog or cat.