How Long Can You Leave A Dog Home Alone?

How Long Can I Leave My Dog Alone

It’s a fact that we have to work and we have chores that we need to do during the day, which means that we can’t always be there with our dog 24/7. But how long can you leave your dog home alone during the day?

Everyone has different commitments each day and this will determine how much time your dog spends on his or her own. If you work all day then it’s likely that your dog will spend more time on their own than someone who doesn’t work.

How Long Can You Leave A Dog Home Alone?

Each dog is different, but the recommended maximum amount of time to leave your dog alone is 4-6 hours. It is not recommended that a dog is left alone for 8 hours, although many dogs would be perfectly happy to be left this amount of time.

There are a lot of factors which effect the amount of time you can leave your dog.

For example,

  • Does your dog have access to go to the toilet when you are not home?
  • Do they get bored easily and become destructive?
  • Do they suffer from separation anxiety?
  • How Long Can You Leave A Dog Alone In A Crate?

Lots of dogs love spending time in their crate during the day. It becomes a place where they can relax and chill out quietly. When we crate trained Coco and then took her crate off her, she was very unsettled until I put it back up for her. She liked to be able to go in there and nap when she was tired and take some time out to chill out.

How long you can keep our dog in a crate is very similar to the amount of time you can leave them, 4-6 hours. The crate does need to be an adequate size for them to stand and stretch, and they should have access to water and the area should be properly ventilated.

The benefit of crating your dog when you are out is that they cannot destroy anything in the house, nor can they hurt themselves.

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How Long Can You Leave A Puppy Alone

A new puppy is super exciting, but also super messy and potentially destructive. So the recommended amount of time you leave a puppy is a lot less, at just 2 hours.

The reason for this is that your puppy needs to be toilet trained and probably cannot wait longer than this to go to the toilet. They also are very mischievous and while they could destroy things in the house, they could also hurt themselves if they are left alone to explore for too long.

If you get your puppy into a toilet training routine it will make it much easier to ensure they are house trained long term.

Can You Leave Your Dog At Home While You Are At Work

If you work and cannot get home during the day to let your dog out to the toilet then you probably need to consider hiring a Dog Walker or taking your dog to Doggy Day Care.

There are pros and cons to each service, which we discussed in a recent article, but essentially both give your dog a much-needed toilet break when you are at work.

How Long Can You Leave A Dog Home Alone

How To Prevent Boredom When Your Dog Is Home Alone?

Comfy Space

Make sure that your dog has their own comfy space to nap during the day. Somewhere nice and quiet that they can chill out and will not constantly be woken by passing cars or people.

A relaxing space to call their own will mean they are more comfortable and calm during the day, which means a less stressful day for them.


A range of safe toys for your dog to play with while you are out can give them something to occupy themselves with. Make sure they are all safe and there is nothing that they can choke on or get lodged in their throat.

If you are unsure if the toy is suitable for your dog then check with your local pet store or vet.

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Music / TV

Some people leave the radio or TV on for their dog during the day to keep them company. It’s something that is very much a personal choice, but it can often calm your dog and keep them from obsessing over outside noises.

It would be wise to consider which channel to leave on, so there is nothing loud or annoying that comes on during the day.

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If you dog needs a break during the day then why not consider hiring the services of a Dog Walker to get your dog out for a walk during the day and make sure they get a toilet break and some fresh air.

A dog Walker can come as many times a day or week that you need, making sure that your dog gets lots of love, play and exercise.

Doggy Day Care

Another option is to send your dog to Doggy Day Care, where they get to spend time all day with other dogs. Just drop your dog off in the morning and collect him in the evening when you finish work, a bit like you would if you were taking your child to daycare.

We discussed the Pros and Cons of Doggy Day Care in this recent article.

How Can Pet Sitters Ireland Help Your Dog?

If your dog is home all day then we would love to come and take him out for a walk. Whether that is once a week, every day or once a month, we can be there for you and your dog.

We talked about how often you should walk your dog so this might be helpful in deciding how often your dog needs walking and if you need the help of a Dog Walker.


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