How Can You Help Local Animal Charities During The Stay at Home Restrictions

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We are all finding it difficult to cope at times in our new world, where a tiny virus we cannot see is causing havoc in our daily lives. However charities are experiencing particularly severe difficulties.

Animal charities are heavily reliant on their wonderful human volunteers and supporters to help keep them running at the best of times.

Unfortunately, during the stay at home restrictions, only a limited number of essential staff can work in the shelters in order to adhere to the physical distancing rules and rescue centres are temporarily closed to the public.

So, what can we do to help?

How Can You Help Local Animal Charities During The Stay at Home Restrictions

There are a number of ways you can still help while centres are temporarily closed and of course when our animal rescue centres re-open we can support them by visiting again and perhaps even adopting if we have the time to invest and space in our homes for a new addition to our families.

The Gift Of Rescue Animals!

Many of you will have been lucky enough to find your “forever friend” during a visit to your local animal charity.

You may have had a particular pet in mind to bring home. Was it a small terrier you were looking for but somehow you went home with an adorable lurcher?

Or was it a kitten you were rescuing but ended up with your beautiful elderly cat?

As anyone who has a rescue pet living with them knows they tend to pick you.

You walk into the rescue centre reminding yourself to stay calm and just have a look…” You are not deciding today!”

Then those soulful eyes look into yours and the decision is made -You have found your new furry friend.

So how did your new companion end up in a rescue centre?

Rescue Dogs

What Animal Charities Do

There are as many rescue stories as there are rescue pets and our amazing charities are there to support animals and you from the beginning to the end of their rescue to rehoming journey:


RESCUE:  When an animal is hurt, sick or badly treated.

REHABILIATION: Providing medical and behavioural treatments to heal.

REHOMING:  Finding their forever home.

How You Can Help Now

Animal Charities are always under pressure financially.

They depend on the Irish community to help fund items like shelter and food for animals in their care.

Many of their fund-raising activities had to be cancelled so they need our help now more than ever to take care of abandoned and sick animals.

Funding is needed for emergency medical care, food, and shelter.

“TAGS” is an umbrella group for multiple pet rescues in Ireland and it has an Animal Rescue Directory Listing on its website, where you can find contact details for animal charities nationwide.

Visit for more info:

Rescue Cats

Donate To A Rescue

Donate by Text.

One of the easiest ways to help is to donate by text

Text Donations cost €2, €4 or €6.

“LIKE CHARITY” is a text donation service supporting Irish charities nationwide

You simply text to 50300 using the name of the charity you want to support

For a full list go to

Cara Rescue Dogs, Cats Aid, Dogs Trust and the ISPCA (Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) are some of the animal charities you can support there.

Donate Directly on the Animal Charity Website.

Tax Efficient Giving Charities can claim 45% in tax back on donations over €250 in a calendar year, at absolutely no extra cost to you

That means a donation of €250 has the potential to be worth an additional €112.25.

You do not have to donate all at once – A monthly gift of €21 or more makes the difference.

Or you can “Sponsor a Pet” and receive updates on how a particular rescue animal is getting on.

Shop Online With A Rescue

Many charities have online shops where you can buy pet accessories to help support the animals in their care.

Fosterer From A Rescue

Some charities are looking for Fosterers to help take care of animals temporarily until their forever home can be found.

Visit your local charities website to see how you can help while adhering to the HSE guidelines.

How You Can Help When Rescue Centres Re-Open?

When the rescue centres re-open to the public if you are looking for a pet to join your family please

Adopt Don’t Buy

Go to your local animal welfare charity – they had close to 10,000 animals to rehome last year.

They are so many beautiful animals that need a new home.

While centres are temporarily closed to the public, animals are still in need of loving homes. If you email the Dogs Trust Rehoming Team for example, via they will be able to send you a rehoming questionnaire to start the process of adoption.


When rescue centres re-open they will need help with caring for the animals and fundraising so if you have any spare time contact them directly to help.

Animal Rescue

An Act Of Kindness

Humans are busy fighting against a virus, but we must not forget our animals – they give us joy and nurture us in our times of need and we must do the same for them.

An Act of Kindness in a difficult time is a powerful tool.

Please Act today and help support your local animal charity in any way you can ?

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