Leather Dog Collars

Leather Dog Collars are long lasting, durable and strong.

While they can be very stiff when they are bought, they naturally soften from the oils in a dog’s skin over time – making them comfy for your dog.

They are more expensive than nylon collars – but due to their durability they are an investment for your dog. They are not really suitable for dogs who like water – a waterproof dog collar collar would be a better option.

Leather Dog Collars don’t have to be dull and boring, as they come in a variety of different colours and styles.

Our Online Pet Store has a variety of Leather Dog Collars suitable for your dog.

Red Leather Dog Collar
Red Leather Dog Collar

These designer Red Leather Dog Collars by Hamish McBeth are made from real leather with white bone shape cut outs.

They are suitable for a neck size from 22cm – 54 cm and start at 31.99 euro.

Matching Leather Dog Leads are available to go with this stylish Leather Dog Collar.

For lovers of pink we also have fantastic Pink Leather Dog Collars.

Pink Leather Dog Collar
Pink Leather Dog Collar

The pink leather dog collar has light pink flowers on a hot pink collar.

Available in a variety of sizes from 20cm – 54cm, and made from Real leather, these dog collars really are a must for any stylish dog.

Matching Pink Leather Dog Leads also available.

The Brown Bone Leather Collar is also available with matching leads.

The Brown Collar has pink bone cut outs – making it suitable for all dogs. Available in Sizes 22cm – 54 cm and starting at 31.99 euro.

These are all Real Leather Dog Collar, so offer great quality and value for money.

Order you Leather Dog Collar today – or check out our full range of dog collars on offer.

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