Choosing A Leather Cat Collar

There is a lot of discussion about whether your cat should have a Cat Collar or not. When we posted a recent article about it, many people felt that having your cat ID chipped would be better. However there are still people who love to get their cat a nice new Cat Collar – and I am definitely one of them.

Pink Leather Cat Collar

Leather Cat Collars are not actually that easy to get in Ireland. For some reason most of the collars that you see in pet shops are quite plain and are usually made from some type of nylon fabric. So to be able to source a nice Leather Cat Collar online just makes your cat stand out from the rest.

This Pink Leather Cat Collar is absolutely gorgeous. It’s so delicate and pretty and would look stunning on any cat. They all come with safety elastic  – which is extremely important for your cats safety. They also have a silver fish shaped bell on them, which is extremely cute!

Black Leather Cat Collar

The same brand also offers a Black Leather Cat Collar with tiny white cat faces, a very delicate Blue Leather Cat Collar, a striking Red Leather Cat Collar and a most stunning Orange Leather Cat Collar with cute yellow flowers. The black one would look amazing on a white cat. The tiny little white cat faces with little whiskers are so cute – and it all goes perfectly with the silver fish shaped bell.

Cat Pendent Leather Collars

If you are looking for something a little more blingy for your cat then we have a range of Leather Cat Collars with a Cat Face Pendant with Swarovski elements. These really are for the most stylish cats who don’t step out without a bit of sparkle!

These come all the way from France, so you are not going to be able to get them in your local Pet Shop.

Maybe you don’t want a Leather Cat Collar – that’s fine. Check out the full range of Cat Collars at our online store.



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