Kitten Essentials: What Do You Need For A New Kitten?


Preparing your home to bring back your kitten is a big task. Making sure you have all the right equipment, toys, food, and accessories is an important part of being a kitten owner. Whether you have owned a kitten before or this is your first time, you must make sure to have everything to keep them occupied, healthy, and happy. Today we are going to talk about Kitten Essentials: What you really need when you get a kitten?

Basic Accessories For Kittens

#1. Litter Tray

At the very least, you should have a litter tray with spare litter and a scoop. There are many types of litter trays and litter that you can choose from to suit your space and your needs. If you have no room for a private litter tray for your cat, perhaps a domed tray would be best, so your kitten has some privacy from you and your guests. If you have multiple cats, perhaps an open tray would be best, so you can quickly see when you need to scoop and replace the used litter to keep it fresh.

#2. A Comfy Cat Bed

Having a cat bed for your kitten provides them with something comfortable to laze on that they can feel ownership over if you don’t want them on your furniture. This will help with training if there is a specific place or fabric that they can relate to where they are allowed to be. As kittens need 18+ hours of sleep per day, they will make great use of their bed, so this will be a worthwhile investment.

#3. Cat Toys

You might be wondering whether your kitten needs cat toys to play with. Your kitten will sleep for 18+ hours per day but will have massive amounts of energy during their period of wakefulness. There are many toys for kittens in stores, but the best way to find the right kind of toy is to buy a few and see which ones your kitten really loves.

Some kittens like playing with plastic balls that have bells in them, some kittens like playing with feathers on strings, some kittens like laser pointers, and some kittens like playing with toys that contain catnip. Playing with your kitten will be bonding periods, so make sure to spend some time each day playing with them.

Choosing the kind of toys that both you and your kitten like to play with is the best way to ensure that you will spend time bonding with them each day. It’s important not only to build a relationship with your kitten but also to use playtime as exercise for your kitten to keep them healthy. A healthy kitten is a happy kitten!

#4. Cat Collar

A lot of people wonder if they should purchase a cat collar for their kitten. If you are planning on letting your kitten outside to explore your neighbourhood it is best to get your kitten a collar that has a nametag with your address and contact number on it in case they get lost. This way, your kitten will not be mistaken as a stray and will be returned to you if people think they are lost. You can rest assured knowing that your kitten will be safe and sound while roaming the streets as people can always find you if they need to.

#5. A Vet

It’s important to find a Vet for your kitten as soon as you get them to ensure that you have someone to advise you on their care. Your kitten will also need vaccinations which your vet will advise you on.

Finding a good match is important so that you have continuity in the care of your kitten. Your vet will also be able to advise you on feeding and caring for your kitten.

Let us know what essentials you have got ready for your kitten in the comments below.