Kildare Dog Walking Services: A Guide To Hiring A Kildare Dog Walker.

Kildare Dog Walker

As a Dog Owner, you will know how much your dog loves going for a walk. Most dogs would walk for hours if they could. But if you work or you have family commitments then sometimes you may not be able to give them as many dog walks as they need. So, if you are living in Kildare (or in fact any area of Ireland) and need a Kildare Dog Walker then you may have some questions.

In this article, we discuss what a Dog Walker does, why you might need a Dog Walker, how your dog walker keeps your dog safe and the biggest question that people often ask how much is a Dog Walker.


What Does a Dog Walker Do?

Essentially when you hire a Dog Walker you are hiring a company to come and walk your dog at a time that you need them for a certain length of time.

You might need a Dog Walker:

  • Once a week
  • Once a day
  • Twice a day
  • Once a month

Your needs will really depend on your circumstances and your reasons for hiring a Dog Walker.


Why Use a Dog Walker?

Dog owners use the services of a Dog Walker for all sorts of reasons. Maybe they are working all week or they are feeling under the weather or they just are short on time.

The main thing when you hire a Dog Walker is that you have someone who can meet your needs whenever they arise.

So, if you need a Dog Walker while you are at work but also need someone on a Saturday afternoon find out if the Dog Walker can accommodate both. You don’t want to constantly be interviewing new Dog Walker because they can’t meet your Dog Walking needs.


How Does a Kildare Dog Walker Keep Your Dog Safe?

There are lots of reasons why we don’t offer off leads dog walks and we have discussed it lots of times on our blogs and in our videos.

We are primarily concerned with the safety of your dog and if we let your dog off the lead at any stage during our visit then we are no longer in control of your dog.

What would happen if they ran off, another dog attacked them or someone tried to steal them?

To maintain the safety of your dog we suggest a Dog Walker always keeps your dog on the lead.

Who Is the Best Dog Walker in Kildare?

There are lots of people that will be able to walk your dog for you. Typically, you will find ads in local stores, on directory sites or local ads sites such as Gumtree.

When you choose a Dog Walker we suggest you consider the following things.

  1. Is this their full-time occupation?
  2. Are they fully committed to you and your dog’s needs?
  3. Can they accommodate all your requests? What if you need them short notice?
  4. What happens if they get sick and can’t walk your dog?
  5. Who covers for them when they are off work?
  6. Are they insured? Do they have Public liability insurance for when they are walking your dog?
  7. How do they store your keys? Are they kept in a store location and do they have a proper key labelling system so your address is never linked to the key?
  8. How are they storing your personal information?
  9. How do you pay for their services? Will you be given a receipt?
  10. What if you have a complaint? Who deals with that?

These are just some of the questions you need to ask when you are hiring a Dog Walker to walk your dog.


How Much Does a Kildare Dog Walker Cost?

Dog walking can cost as little as a few euros a walk. This is usually a neighbourhood kid offering this type of service for extra pocket money.

If you are considering hiring a Professional Dog Walker to come into your home and walk your dog, then rates usually start around 20 euro.

If you are using a Dog Walker on a weekly basis, then often a Dog Walker will offer packages for walks.


How Can Pet Sitters Ireland Help With Your Dog Walking Needs?

Pet Sitters Ireland offer Dog Walking services all year round. We are a Professional Service provider and have the necessary systems in place to make sure we can facilitate you all year round.

We have a full office staff dedicated to taking care of your needs. We have Dog Walkers across Ireland who have flexibility to walk your dog when you need us.

We have proper systems and processes in place to make sure your service is never interrupted and we track our visits with GPS to make sure you are getting the service that you pay for.

We would love to answer any questions that you have about our Dog Walking services. You can also watch our videos on YouTube or visit our learning centre to find out more.

Please Contact Us to find out more about how we can be there for your Dog.