How Do We Keep Cats Warm and Safe In Winter.

Cat Safety Tips Winter

Most cats are very independent and enjoy being out and about exploring, but it’s still important that we make sure they are well catered for in this cold weather. But How Do We Keep Cats Warm and Safe In Winter.

I know as it gets colder our cat hates stepping outside, and barely wants to nip out to the loo. He really enjoys the warm of the house and isn’t interested in braving the snow or cold weather. But when he does go out I want to be sure that he is safe.

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How Do We Keep Cats Warm and Safe In The Winter Months

#1. Make sure your cat has a reflective collar.

Reflective collars are a great way to make sure that you cat is seen when they are outside, especially if you are near a busy road. With darker mornings and evenings it’s important that a driver can see your cat.

Make sure your cat is also wearing a quick release collar so that they don’t get trapped anywhere. You can purchase these types of collars at all reputable pet stores either in person or online.


#2. Keep them inside during the dark hours

A lot of cats won’t want to go out in the cold weather, so it can be a good idea to get a bag of litter and a tray and keep them in. It’s dark and cold, and it’s best they don’t wander.

If you are letting them out then you could get them a GPS tracking collar so that you know where they are. This will give you peace of mind that they are safe and sound.


#3. Don’t let them burn themselves

We all know cats like to sit near the fire, but just make sure they are not too close. I know my cat, and my dogs, will sit on top of the fire given the chance.

It’s especially important to have a guard on a real fire in case any sparks of fire touch your cat, especially when you are just lighting it.

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#4. Make sure they have plenty of water

Make sure they have access to water. Remember when it’s cold outside water supplies can freeze. If you can place the bowl in a sunny spot that is a good idea and in some instances if you are not going to bring your cat inside then you can purchase heat pads which would stop the water from freezing.

If you have been feeding stray cats then don’t forget about their food and water freezing during the cold weather.


#5. Check your car before you drive off

Cats love to sit next to warm things and can be prone to climbing in the bonnet of a car where it is nice and warm. Make sure you check the car before you drive off to make sure they don’t come with you to where you are going or end up being injured.

A tap on the bonnet will usually wake a sleeping cat.


#6. Be careful of toxic chemicals

Antifreeze is toxic to animals so be careful that they don’t have access to it. Also salts and chemicals for clearing your driveway can be too.

Remember you cat may get these on their paws and then lick them as part of their grooming process, making them sick.


#7. Keep an eye out for strays who might be looking for food

Sadly not every cat has a loving home, so keep an eye out for any cats who may be straying during the cold weather and are looking for food, water and shelter.

Dry food is a good option as it won’t freeze like wet food can. Also make sure that there is plenty of water for them and that it is not frozen.

They may not be keen to come into the house, but they will definitely appreciate a warm spot in a shed or garage. Check their bed and bedding regularly to make sure it’s not damp from the cold and make sure that snow is not trapping them in or out of their shelter.

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