How To Keep Your Dog Off Your New Sofa

Some pet owners are adamant that a dog’s place is on the floor, or in their own bed. While others wouldn’t even entertain the idea of their dog being anywhere other than by their side on the sofa.

But for those that want to try and keep their furry friend off that brand new sofa, we have a few tips that might just help.

Tips To Keep Your Dog Off The Sofa

Start early.

It’s never too late to start training your dog to stay off of the furniture. However, you will have a much easier time if you start early – from the time you bring your new puppy or dog home. Do not allow your puppy or dog on the couch, ever. If your pooch makes a move for the couch, stop him.

dog on sofa

Don’t make it a pleasant experience.

A dog who enjoys an experience is going to seek out that experience at every opportunity. If you slip your dog table scraps at dinner, he’s going to sit there right by your side at every meal, waiting eagerly for that coveted treat. Likewise, if you allow your dog to cuddle with you on the sofa, he’s going to associate the sofa with a feeling of comfort and happiness. And, like with the table scraps, he’s going to try to get on that sofa every chance he can get.

One method you can use is the sound silver foil makes. Cut pieces of foil and place them on the sofa’s cushions so, if your dog jumps on them, he’ll hear the sound and keep him off of the sofa much easier.

Provide an alternative.

Everyone needs a comfortable spot to hang out, to snooze, and to call their own. If you do not allow your pup on the new sofa, offer a desirable alternative. An oversized dog bed or a huge dog pillow promises your dog a peaceful sanctuary. Keep the bed near the new sofa, so your dog will feel close to you. And, if he’s hesitant to use his dog bed, encourage him with excited words and even a treat every time he sits or curls up on it.

Both your dog and your new sofa can coexist happily and peacefully if you take the necessary steps to ensure your dog stays off of the sofa.

The key to success, however, is to remember to be consistent.
Tell me what you do to keep your dog off the sofa? That’s if you do!