K9 Cakery Dog Training Treats Review

Some time ago we did a review of the K9 Cakery, an online pet bakery that provides dog treats to hungry dogs all over Ireland. It was great to hear about a new pet related business starting up and Sarah has so much enthusiasm and passion for her business.

Coco and Joey, my 2 Pointers, loved the treats and were happy to be official taste testers of the chicken and stuffing treats. I can still remember the smell of them – yummy!

It’s nice to be able to purchase homemade treats for your pets. At Christmas I bought them individual dog bones with their names iced on them from the K9 Cakery and even though I am sure they didn’t care if their name was on them, I did – it made it feel more like a proper gift for them.

Heart Dog Biscuits
K9 Cakery Heart Shaped Biscuits

So when treats arrived this week for them to try out they were happy to get stuck in and tell us what they thought of them.

Valentines Heart Shaped Dog Biscuits

First up were valentines heart biscuits. Joey grabbed his and attacked it with such enthusiasm – people would think looking at him we never feed him. He crunched away on the biscuits – bits flying everywhere.

Coco was more delicate, took a little sniff, decided she would give it a try and then sat down to gently eat it. By which time Joey had eaten his and was looking for another one!

He really needs to work on his table manners! and slow down with this eating.

Jerky Dog Training Treats

Jerky Treats
K9 Cakery Jerky Dog Training Treats

After that I took them outside to try some of the jerky dog training treats. Now our dogs are very spirited when it comes to treats and training – they wouldn’t be the best at sitting when they are told unless they are getting something good out of it!

As always Joey was super excited that I had a bag of treats in my hand and was quick to follow me out.

The training treats are quite small and perfect for training classes or training at home. I know when I was taking Joey to training you need something small and tasty that really makes them want to do the training exercises.

When Joey finally calmed down after all the excitement he did sit for his treat, although there was a bit of pushing and shoving between the 2 of them. When I threw a few onto the grass they had great fun searching for them. The smell must be really strong to them as they were able to find all the little pieces.

Now the 2 of them are napping after playing hunt the treat in the garden – so I think it was a fun few hours for all of us.

I’m sure they will be looking forward to their next treats.

If you want to find out more about K9 Cakery Treats then you can visit them on Facebook or check out their online store.

Facebook  www.facebook.com/myk9cakery

Website https://myk9cakery.tictail.com/



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