Is Your Pet Social Media Savy?


We are all guilty of checking our phones as soon as we wake up, throughout meals and when we are out with friends. We are so connected to the online world that it becomes second nature to see what’s happening in the world of Facebook or who sent the latest and coolest tweet.

I think you either love or hate social media – and the purpose of using social media is different for everyone.

Some people use it to update us all on everything they do throughout the day, from going to the toilet to what they might have for their dinner. People even have pages for their pets – to keep everyone updated on what fluffy did next. It can be a bit of fun, or it can be an obsession – only the individual can decide where they fall on that scale 🙂

Others use it for business and a way to engage with their customers and let them know what is happening in their organisation.

Maybe it’s to let people know about their latest blog article or a special offer coming up. Or maybe they just want to share some fun or cute pictures.

Everyone has their favourite Social Media Channel – but lucky for you we are on lots of them – providing you with fun, inspirational and informative posts every day.





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