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As a Pet Sitting and Dog Walking company we use our fair share of poo bags. It’s so important that people take responsibility for their dog’s waste – as after all they can’t pick it up themselves.

So we were intrigued to find out more about the work that is doing around Ireland to try and make dog owners more responsible. Read all about the West Cork man is who taking on one town at a time to try and make outdoor spaces poop free.

Tell us about yourself.

A Self-employed West Cork Man now living in Co. Clare.

What pets do you have?

A 4 Year Old Terrier called Pepperoni.

What brought you into the world of poo bags?

I first got the idea when I was visiting a school in the US. The school has 180 acres crisscrossed with walks. The grounds were spotless, no rubbish  & no dog poop anywhere. I noticed dispensers for poop bags located at regular intervals throughout the walks & at one point I saw a teenager use one of the bags to pick up after his dog. The ease with which he picked up the poop and disposed of it properly, I thought to myself this would be a fantastic idea for Ireland. I decided to make some enquiries with Muttmitt US, based in Rabbit Hash Kentucky, struck up a very good working relationship with them, received great support & encouragement from them, which allowed me to introduce the Muttmitt products into Ireland and so the journey began.

Muttmitts - Grab, Turn, Bin
How to use your Muttmitt

What makes you passionate about poop?

I am a great fan of the outdoors. I want people to be able to look around at Nature’s  beauty & not always be looking down at their feet. I have my own dog and am quite aware that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks and in the case of poop, you cannot teach any dog to pick up after themselves. The responsibility lies with the owner. Muttmitt bags are so easy to use & eliminate the fear of touching the dog poop when picking it up.  I believe that this will encourage owners to take responsibility to clean up after their pets.

What are the services you offer?

I supply Bag Dispensers together with biodegradable plastic bags for the collection of Dog Fouling. I provide information and advice on to how to deal with dog fouling to County Councils, Town Councils, Residents Organisations & Tidy Town Groups and I give talks to schools & conferences in relation to dog fouling, diseases & environmental impact associated with it.

Tell us about your work with Tidy Towns?

This year’s Supervalu Tidy Towns Competition is awarding 20% of points to the category ‘Tidiness & Litter Control’. Dog Fouling has been highlighted as an issue. We are in regular contact with organisations advising them in relation to setting up anti-dog fouling initiatives, providing education on best practice and visiting the areas. Many Tidy Towns are amazed at how reasonable it is to set up a Muttmitt Anti-Dog Fouling program in their town or village and at how quickly the results are visible.

What makes your product different to a poo bag you can buy in the supermarket?

There is a glove built within the bag that gives you greater protection from dog waste. The double layer prevents transfer of heat from the waste to your hand. The bag doen’t leak or drip, therefore making it easier to travel with, to dispose of properly. The bag is 100% biodegradable which means that the used bag will decompose in landfill within a few months.

Do you think that more people are picking up their dogs poop  – or do you feel that there needs to be more awareness around it?

As Finian McGrath said recently in the Dail, ‘There are three types of Dog Owners, Responsible, Irresponsible & the Ones that pretend to be Responsible’.  More awareness, education & enforcement are needed.

What one word describes your product?


How can potential customers get in touch with you?

I can be contacted via my website or call me at (087)2244039 or message me on Muttmitts Ireland’s Facebook or Twitter Account.

Muttmitt bags are available in packs of 30, 100 and 800 and are suitable for individual dog owners, pet-friendly guesthouses & hotels, kennels, pet-related businesses, residents committies, tidy town groups and councils.

We tried out Muttmitts ourselves and found them to a great poo bag. I liked that they came in a resealable packet, so I don’t lose any.  They are certainly more durable than some your purchase and what I personally loved about them most was the water bowl feature. Such a handy simple way to give your dog a drink of water on the go. We think Muttmitts are just ‘Wagtastic!’ and when I heard they come in Pink we are sure that will get tails wagging!

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