Introducing…Nose of Tralee Judge Buster

The 2015 panel of esteemed judges announces its newest, furriest, and possibly the cutest four-legged judge in history…Buster!


Hailing from County Down, Buster has become a treasured ambassador for the Nose of Tralee competition and leaves big paws to fill for the 2015 Nose.

Buster also happens to be the inaugural Nose of Tralee so he knows how the whole contest works and how much fun it is to be involved.

And…now…in Buster’s own words…

Hey, I’m Buster, the reigning Nose of Tralee. It’s been such a fun, fun, fun year! The camera loves me and I must say I do love it, too. Put a camera in front of me and I’m going to pose. That’s why the best of part of being the first Nose of Tralee was the photo shoot with David McCauley. He spoiled me with treats and got shots of all my best poses. It was an All About Buster day. He definitely gets two paws up from me!

I am so proud to be the very first Nose of Tralee ever but don’t worry. I’m still the same dog I’ve always been…the dog next door, my family and friends call me.

This win isn’t all about me, however! This win is for all of the Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Even though we are really friendly, totally adorable, and completely cuddly, we bull terriers don’t get much positive press. Let’s change that!

Good luck to all the 2015 Nose of Tralee contestants!


Buster xx




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