New Zealand Ban Cats, Dogs Making Lives Longer, Introducing A Dog To A Baby. Love Your Pets Radio Ep 65

introduce a dog to a baby


Love Your Pets Radio News

In this section of the show we talk about the pet news.


  • A woman banned from owning anymore animals
  • Puppy contracts for new pet owners
  • The fact that dog owners live longer than cat owners
  • A dog abandoned on the M50
  • New Zealand plans to ban all cats

Love Your Pets Radio Pet Care Tips

In this section of the show we talk about how to introduce a dog to a baby.

We chat about:

  • Preparing ahead for the baby
  • Getting ready for the sounds and smells of a new baby
  • Preparations before the arrival of the baby
  • Understanding your dog’s behaviour
  • What to do once to the baby arrives


Love Your Pets Radio Announcement


23rd September we host the 5th Annual Nose of Tralee competition



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